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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.




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RcCar Dynamics

This website covers RC Car Racing; practically, theoretically, and "at the track protocol." And I race a Losi Slider Sprint Car; explaining the modifications I've done to it.

Also, I have and will have more RC Car reviews. Follow the Sub Menus for detailed information.

The goal of this website is to explain, in easy-to-understand terms, the basic car dynamics that take place while a car is in motion. You will grasp the main reasons for car handling and cornering power. You will come away with the understanding of the compromises used in your setup. More precisely, you will understand why tire loads (the key to handling and cornering power) change! Although there is no one best way, the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle is a good foundation.

There are a lot of confusing strategies involved in winning RC Car races. I will separate the wheat from the chaff using print, picture and down-loadable programs.

Trading Stocks

This website is a collection of trading practicalities, new technical analysis topics, and some great ideas. There a lot of confusing strategies surrounding trading. I will separate the wheat from the chaff using print, pictures and videos.

Understand the Game

You must understand how Money and Credit work and has worked throughout history. Knowing what the money exchangers are up to can only help. Also, there are a lot of Indicator mechanics, Money/Risk management, and Plan issues to consider before you start trading.


The Western concept of self actualization means being fully in touch with reality as it exists and running your life based on that rather than being driven by the winds of fear, preconceptions and the expectations of others. The latter things are poured into us as children and very very few people manage to drain them away.