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Constitutional Education Last: 09/17/2016

Educating the population about our Constitution is paramount for the survival of the United States.

Again the population must be educated and moral for self governance to survive. And of course we all know that our Constitution is the ultimate self governance. "We the people" are in charge!

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Common Core, Just What Does it Do?

One of the things we need to get away from when talking about Common Core, is the standards. People are getting bogged down in the standards and educators keep asking parents if theyíve read the standards and which standards they disagree with. These are pointless questions. ITíS NOT ABOUT THE STANDARDS THEMSELVES. Well, maybe 10%. Theyíre not great standards and several states had superior standards before Common Core.

The real problem is the loss of privacy, data collection, loss of sovereignty, and a centuries old agenda that has been pushed at us to destroy the family, destroy religion, and embrace moral relativism. In this presentation We attempt to pull back the curtain and expose that agenda. In five minutes there just isnít time to do justice to this topic. There are so many statements and so much evidence of this it just canít be fit in, but I do hope this presentation gives you a strong enough witness that Common Core is just the latest idea in the culture war we are engaged in, and isnít the true problem at the root. We need to get back to local control and sever the ties that bind us to these people.

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