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Fukushima Last: 02/14/2016

The Solution

We strongly believe a set of solutions have been identified for the most important phases of the project. Our project team is recommending five Phases to the project solution set:

  1. Phase One – Using sophisticated Thermography on the Pacific Ocean surface to find the hot spot and neutralize the harmful effect or the radioactive waste. Our initial research shows the coriums have fragmented and are spreading across the ocean. We need to find the concentrated areas and neutralize the waste.
  2. Phase Two – Demonstrate a method to remediate the radioactive Coriums, waste water, soil and spent fuel rods.
  3. Phase Three – Provide a plan of action to decommission the damaged reactors and other building that no longer serves a purpose.Also to clean and terra-form the Fukushima site with new flora and fauna.
  4. Phase Four – Assist with the setup and treatment of all people who have contracted Radioactive Waste Poisoning both in Japan and the West Coast of the Pacific Ocean basin.
  5. Phase Five- Consider the possibility of changing from Nuclear Power to Advanced Geothermal Power or consider Peter Shastri’s Hydro-Magnetic Power System (HMPS) that can produce an estimated 5000 Megawatts of electrical power.