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Just Quit Coop Last: 01/13/2016

Just Quit Cooperating

It is man-made law that needs us to exist, it cannot continue without us. It needs us to agree to acknowledge it and abide by it, but there is in fact no natural thing, no natural obligation for any humans to obey any man-made laws.

We Americans are obsessed with rule-following and the law to the point of ignorance. We think of rules and laws as something from on high that must not be broken. We donít believe we are free to ignore the law, even if it kills us to obey it. We quite literally accept the notion that the law is what is supreme and the law is what is noble and that it is the law that must be defended at all costs. We give our lives to protect the law.

The fact is, that makes no sense. At all. Where do I begin?

The law canít be supreme, only our lives can hold supreme meaning. Laws cannot be noble, only people can be noble. The law doesnít need to be defended, because it canít be harmed; in fact, it doesnít even exist except inside peopleís heads. People need to be defended, because we can be harmed, we can cease to exist. And because we are irreplaceable and life is sacred, we need to take steps to defend and protect life. Therefore, giving our lives to defend something that canít be harmed makes no sense. What is the law for if it is not to protect and defend our lives?

Here are a couple of obvious basics about laws, which will probably not come as any surprise. In the first place, the law and the rules are nothing more than words. They are words written on paper or posted on signs. The words do not come from on high, or from beyond, nor are they eternal and immutable. They are not by any means guaranteed to be fair, or right, or moral, or correct, and there is no legal obligation for them to be any of those things.

Laws are in fact wholly arbitrary and they are written to protect the interests of those who write them. Thatís why law in its current form exists. Thatís why it is so heavily propagandized and lauded in countless TV shows where we get all teary eyed over ideas like justice and righteousness, and we assign only the highest ideals to those who make our laws and those who are heavily armed and will shoot us in the back to uphold them.

These statements via The Law at WarIsCrime.com. Read the whole article there.

Ammon Bundy - Do NOT Comply with Unlawful governments

No violence needed. but also realize that Silence is Consent!

And quoting Martin Luther King

The limitation of riots, moral questions aside,

is that they cannot win and their participants know it.

Hence, rioting is not revolutionary

but reactionary because it invites defeat.

It involves an emotional catharsis,

but it must be followed by a sense of futility.