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Paranormal - 100 monkeys Last: 09/27/2014

The so-called “100th monkey effect” is a term coined and first presented by Lyall Watson in his book “Lifetide” in 1979. The background of the theory is a story of a research project on monkeys done on the island of Koshima in Japan. In the 1950s the scientists on the island started to feed the many monkeys sweet potatoes that they dropped on the ground. While the monkeys liked the taste of it they did not like the dirt. After a while one of the monkeys discovered that she could solve the problem by washing the potatoes in water. She taught this to some of her monkey friends who adopted the same habit. Pretty soon this started to spread and more monkeys learned how to wash their potatoes.

After some time a certain number of monkeys had learned the new technique, let’s say a hundred, and all of a sudden all the monkeys knew how to wash their potatoes. It was as if they had reached a critical mass which resulted in a breakthrough. The most interesting part of the story is that this was not limited to the monkeys on this particular island. Monkeys in other areas that had no physical contact with the Koshima monkeys also adopted the same habit. The new knowledge seemed to spread purely from mind to mind.

This is common consciousness! play the video!