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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.




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Restore the Family Last: 02/03/2016

Let's get this straight, women are very special people. They are the fabric of the family. Although history shows us that women's role best suits the outcome of the family if their role is only in the family.

In this Sound Cloud audio, Ann states what the 19th amendment did for women.

Why is this so important

Cultures steeped with family values make stronger lasting nations with the possibility for liberty for all. Family is the essence and backbone of humanity. Men and Women bond. The roles are: Men want to meet and .... While the woman is suppose to be the one to tie him down and make a man out of him. She is the guiding force in the relationship; without a guiding force relationships turn sour.

Review of the Problem

This from the Four Stages of Communism As Envisioned by its Founders

the First stage: when communism is trying to gain control of a nation is: Deterioration is noticed in arts and entertainment, political, educational and religious thought of a nation. Racial strife, a breakdown of the family unit, lawlessness, political correctness and judges writing new laws: in brief, apostasy.

The breakdown of the family unit leads to all the other problems listed in the previous paragraph. Thus the family unit is very important in the preservation of a culture and nation.

And let's get real. Being attracted to the same sex does not just happen. First off THEY have been control your diet via the ingredients that are in it. And very importantly, the plastic containers exude/excrete chemicals that that affect the male and female hormones of your body. Education wise, at every opportunity the mainstream media (movies and TV) propagandize sexual deviations from the heterosexual point of view.

You were Duped!