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They - Empire of the Cities Last: 03/25/2015

  • Published on Jun 23, 2012

Here is a deeper look into the connection between the Vatican, Washington DC and Inner London. What are these cities really about?

This documentary is basic information for people who are in the beginning of their search to make some sense of the mess we're in currently.

Please support the producers by purchasing a high quality DVD set of this very important film on their website: DVD-ROP-detail-buy1

*Erratum: the narrator says the expression "Mafia" is a kind of acronym where each letter stands for the inicial of a family boss, which is wrong. A better aproach would be: "Mazzini autorizza furti, incendi e avvelenamenti" which translates to: "Mazzini authorizes theft, arson and poisoning". This, however, has never been proven true, and I see it as nothing more than mere and irrelevant speculation.

Empire Of The City: D.C., London, Vatican City