You ask how I could come up with such a website? Well I thought there was something wrong the day “They” shot JFK. The debates in High School failed to make sense. Then I did time in the USAF; served in Turkey. The USAF did things that the average citizen at home can’t even imagine and never will find out about. And I worked at the Motorola Government facility. I literally can not tell you what I did. It all adds up to make one skeptical individual.

Although I think the enslavement theory is true, I don’t expect you to accept it as gospel. I would hope you’d do your own soul searching and studying. To just sit and watch is doing yourself a real disservice. Be careful of all the deceptions about this subject; I go with those uncovering new ancient history rather than those preaching new discoveries.

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One direct comment: I don’t hate black Americans, Hispanic Americans, gay Americans, Jewish Americans, Muslims, or any of the other groups that liberals obsessively claim that conservatives hate. Not only is it extraordinarily offensive to be falsely accused of hating whole classes of people. But it is also very bad for America to have half of the Americans thinking that the other half hates them. But, of course, if you are liberal you think you get a pass for being smart. When are the liberals going to realize their misjudgements, be embarrassed, and say they are sorry!

And a character flaw I had; I thought “to dream of the person I’d like to be was a waste of the person I was.” Well, that is B.S. No dreaming permitted. Be the change you want to see!

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