Socialism and the so-called Welfare Cause

In the Constitution the phrase “promote the general Welfare” should have been written well-being. But note it says “promote”, not “provide”

1. Check the Federalist papers. If the above statement means “provide welfare” it should be in them, because the Constitution is just the skin of the Federalist papers.,
2. Also, if it meant “provide”, why did it take hundred and 75 years before welfare programs became prevalent.
3. Arguments disproving socialism. So far it has never worked. Why would people work. There is no incentive.
4. It has only one redeeming quality, it sounds nice.

But how would the general public know these simple facts? You were never taught via our biased Education system in America. Most have no idea what the U.S. Constitution says or means. All taught the others systems, which is good. But should have be taught our system also.

And Remember, none of you have seen true capitalism. It only happens with real Liberty; No Government Regulations.

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