LaVoy Finicum Politically Assassinated

Jesse Lee Peterson discusses the controversial FBI and Oregon State Police actions. As a Constitutional cop, I reveal my professional opinion on the political police action regarding the Lavoy Finicum shooting. Many red flags in this incident. My book goes into detail on just why a militarized U.S. police force is a bad idea for all law abiding Americans.

My Comments. This is a very pragmatic examination of the Oregon Standoff.   He’s begging in answer to the question; why was this person shot dead? There are real threats to this nation that are politically overlooked by this administration. There is something very bad going on. We need to have an uprising and throw the bums out. Note: an article 5 convention is not the way out. It only gives the left a chance to legally take over by replacing our Constitution with what they want.

Freedom’s Cry

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