An Exchange Because of Hillary’s Antics and Black Live Matter(BLM)

An email to Ted Hayes:

Ted – We have a problem. – But what do We do about it. It can not go uncheck! – Marc J

Ted’s Response:

I hear you, and yes, there is something that we can do about.

However, as GOD is the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, under Whom, We the People daily pledge ourselves to be “one nation”, unless HE is pleased with us, there is nothing that can be done to save this country.

The primary reason that HE seems to be giving our country away to corruptors, is apparently, we are not handling the basic, fundamental, foundational matters upon which the United States is built.

It is evident, as I have been saying, that it is only after the matter for which 740,000, young, innocent, white boys and men, plus the 38,000 young, innocent, black boys and men, along with Abraham Lincoln, gave their lives over, is properly dealt with, that the Union will be saved.

Thanks for asking, because I’m telling…

See these articles for much more background; Black Lives Matter Again   John McCain – Reparations, etc,

Ted Hayes

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