The Moral Cause of GOD!

That from these honored dead, we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion”
POTUS Abraham Lincoln

It is becoming ever more apparent that there is something fundamentally and morally wrong within the heart of the Union of the United States of America republic with no relief from its turmoil in sight.

Whether the real Democratic, or fake Republican Party wins the Presidency, if either administration continues the pattern if presidential rebellion aganst the absolute mandate of the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act which is the fundamental, moral essence and purpose of this country, it will prove fatal to it.

GOD, HaShem, the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, is the very Person that ordered POTUS Abraham Lincoln to execute the Emancipation Proclamation to rectify hypocritical use of HIS Name in the nation’s First Law…or else.

Concomitantly, as then, HE today is admonishing and warning We the People to finish what the founding began in 1776; and where Abraham Lincoln was cut off by Democratic assassination on April 14-15, 1865; as well as the Republican and Democrat 1877 Compromise on the fate of the newly freed, chattel slave, *et al, US citizens and their decendant children, or HE will end the American Dream experiment.

Note: “et al” meaning Freedmen, refugees, coloreds, i.e., African decent blacks of various shades primarily by forced mixture of white slave masters with slave women.

US federal government officials are chosen by the consent of We the People, the governed, to protect and serve us, as well as promulgate the ideals of the ever-perfecting Union by vigorous enforcement of its laws.

However, law enforcement can and at times must be severe and/or merciless, particularly as it relates to enforcing laws against violations that threat national security such as: “illegal immigration” invasion-occupation; civilian foreign national’s and refugees incursions; and the usurpation of laws by unqualified persons or peoples, etc.

Therefore, it is imperative that enforcers of laws have good, clear of guilt, moral conscious, that can’t be intimidated with matters of moral relativism, or character assassination by accusations of racism, religious bigotry, anti-immigrants, anti-Hispanic/Latino, i.e., Mexican; homo and Islamophobic; xenophobic; misogynistic; etc. but rather vigorously enforce them with impunity.

Such moral consciousness before human beings must first exists in the sight of GOD, the Judge of all the earth, in order to override expected antics of intimidation by those upon whom the law is being enforced.

During the US Civil War, POTUS Lincoln received the revelation from GOD that empowered him with the moral proclivity and courageous fortitude to enforce the law of the Union that it might be saved.

In fact, “that cause” which empowered Lincoln, is the same which must be employed by any and all POTUS’s since him.

This is especially poignant when it comes to a would-be President like Donald Trump whom has placed his “seat” next to the great Emancipator of the Union, Abraham Lincoln himself.

Even should Mr. Trump win the election without returning the Republican Party to its original 1854-56 foundational, vanguard message-mission, which Lincoln enforced, the Union will still be lost, lest he does implement it in his administration after all.

thanks Ted Hayes

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