Ron Ewart — Delusion Is Believing Your Vote Will Save America


By Ron Ewart
August 3, 2016

Every four years we go through this aggravating and irritating charade called a presidential election. From the Primary to the General it becomes a year-and-a-half long, 24/7 barrage of “He said – She said”, pre-empting all other news. Wild promises are made on both sides, most of which will never come to pass. The only promises that usually come to pass are the ones that buy votes for a particular party. That is why the national debt is approaching $20 Trillion.

In reality, only 11 states will cinch an election for president. With the exception of California, Nevada and Colorado, the other 8 states determining the presidential election exist in the Eastern half of the United States. The people in the other 38 states might as well stay home.

The Eastern half of the United States, because of the density of population, has evolved into socialist states because of that density. The original thirteen colonies that started this experiment have all morphed into democratic socialist states, thus giving rise to a Bernie Sanders. High dense urban cities are hopeless centers of interminable dependency on government. Dependent people vote for the party that will allow them to remain dependent. Over 100 years ago, one party determined that its path to perpetual political power would be determined by how many votes they could buy with public dollars, without any regard to constitutional limitations. The vast number of dependent Americans that exist in America today, illustrate that party’s huge success.

via Ron Ewart — Delusion Is Believing Your Vote Will Save America.

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