Thank You, Mr. Trump for Revealing Our One Party System

What truly distinguishes this 2016 campaign season from all the previous ones is that there has been a veritable avalanche of unprecedented disclosures about the corruption and criminality of the CFR-controlled U.S. government. Trump has shown how thieves, criminals and psychopaths have occupied the highest offices in the U.S.

The CFR-controlled administrations of Clinton, Bush I and II, and now Obama, have acted with a degree of lawlessness and impropriety surpassing previous administrations. Donald Trump has shown that the USA is but a shadow of its former self, which explains why most of the American people share his dream of making America great again.

America has sustained irreparable damage and the globalist conspirators infiltrated into the U.S. government are fully responsible for the present state of affairs. They sold their souls to America’s enemies and it is time to clean the Augean stables.

In their frantic attempt to justify the unjustifiable unending wars and launching a new Cold War, the conspirators’ agents in both the Democratic and Republican parties are now trying to convince Americans that Donald Trump is a commie in the closet and an agent of Vladimir Putin. Fortunately, however, a large majority of the American people has awakened and is not buying this lie.

via Servando Gonzalez — Thank You, Mr. Trump.


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