Prager: No Pity for Millennials; They’re Voting to Bankrupt America

Millennials love socialism, socialism will bankrupt America, and Millennials will be stuck with the bill. That’s Dennis Prager’s blunt assessment. Prager says he’ll have no pity for Millennials, who should know better but still vote Democrat, despite all the evidence before them.

A few Millennials, like this sincere young lady from Hillsdale College (who looks like her dog just died) is among the few who know what’s coming, thanks to the Leftist takeover of our educational institutions.

This video excerpt is from CSPAN-2 BookTV from Sept 4, 2016

My Comment: This is Spot On about our Educations! We are all clueless little commies. That is what our Education did for us. THEY made socialism/communism our norm, so slowly, that nobody ever noticed. But here we are. And We nearly elected a self-proclaimed social in Sanders.

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