A Message from Tenth Amendment Center

Whether you think President Trump is one of the good guys or one of the bad guys – the fact is this – we’re facing over 100 years of unconstitutional federal “laws,” rules, and regulations, and no single person on Earth can turn that around on their own.

When I started the Tenth Amendment Center back in 2006 (and for at least the next 2 years) establishment Republicans and pundits on the right attacked the TAC for opposing unconstitutional acts from the Bush administration.

“Move to Cuba” is a phrase we often heard when opposing the PATRIOT Act. Our opposition to the Iraq war got us hit with “You’re with the terrorists.” And working in the states to nullify the REAL ID act, branded us “libtards.”

But, to us, the Constitution matters no matter who’s in power in Washington D.C.

As Thomas Jefferson put it, “whensoever” the federal government goes beyond the constitution, “a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” James Madison said that states are “duty-bound to interpose.”  Duty. Not just a good idea.

In the last 2 years, we’ve gotten more nullification bills introduced – and PASSED – than at any time in history. 

We absolutely cannot be complacent, and we need your help now more than ever. I hope you’ll stand with us in this effort by starting a new membership to support our work. As little as 2 bucks a month means a great deal to us.

With your help, we’ll not only get the job done right now, but we’ll go much further for the Constitution and liberty in the years to come.

This thanks to the http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/.

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