Democratic Platform as perceived by a Awake and Aware person

What Democratic LEADERS say they stand for

Harry Reid: The nicest thing about Barack Obama is that he has “No negro dialect.”
Barbara Boxer: Nearly pulled a muscle when it was brought to her attention, apparently for the first time in her life, that all black people do NOT think alike.
Joe Biden: Is always extremely impressed when he meets a black person who is both “articulate” AND “clean.”
Barack Obama: Bigotry so pronounced he’s proud to tell the world that if you want the definition of a “typical white person,” he’ll give it to you.

The Democratic PLATFORM

1) Most black Americans lack the competence to get and/or keep an ID…so they need a break.
2) All undocumented Hispanic Latino immigrants lack the ability and intellect to follow they need a break.
3) Women have all the choices in the world – but are incapable of accountability when if they choose poorly – so they need a break.
4) Your life is meaningless and hopeless because you have less money than other people do, and that’s really all that matters in life.
5) Most importantly: Republicans and Conservatives are racist, sexist, and greedy.


Having lost slavery in 1863 and segregation in 1964 – historically consistent, bigoted Democrats are working smart and hard to restore the “merits” of both; through socialism masked as “empathy” or “social justice” in 2014. We have – for example – slavery by inter-generational dependence and segregation by a contrived pursuit for division-inducing “diversity.” If you’re into that sort of thing, be sure to vote Democrat. Otherwise it maybe time to rethink you party.

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