THE MEDICALIZATION OF SCHOOLS- STOP HR5 and S11- Contact your Congressman!

This matters because It is the left’s way of further imposing communism in America!

The information below will answer many questions about what these evil people are actually plotting to do with the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), in order to control and modify student behavior by embedding and entwining their tentacles throughout the public education system via the MEDICAID System.  Here is an excerpt from the information below:

Kline’s HR 5 and Senator Alexander’s Reauthorization of ESEA set up MEDICAID BILLING in schools for social, emotional, and behavioral standards using mental health DSM Codes (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders.)
The failure by our State Legislature to stop the EVIL in our public school system called the Common Core Standards Initiative, AKA: ACCRS, is about to be doubled-down if H.R.5 & S.11 succeed!  Governor Ducey’s “Directive” to “Review & Replace” the current CCSI/ACCRS “standards” one-by-one “as needed” to make them “Arizona standards,” is steaming-away, full-speed-ahead!
As evidenced by two News Items from Superintendent Diane Douglas last week, the AZ Dept. of Ed. has joined the crowd!  As, given the Green Light by the Legislature, Arizona jumps-onto the Common Core Train with all its executive governmental feet, to go-all-out and further entrench the Common Core agenda in all its pernicious parts.  BUT, IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT “STANDARDS!”


Governor Ducey, Superintendent Douglas, the unconstitutional “agency” (the newly-created pseudo-state board of education),  and the bulk of public school employees, are:

Fiddling while Rome BURNS!!! The CASUALTIES are Arizona’s CHILDREN!!! They are CANNON FODDER for the Collectivist/Progressive AGENDA!!!

We must not lose sight of the real evil inherent in that agenda deliberately designed to destroy the God-given creative nature found in every human child! The goal is to cripple and malform the hearts, minds and souls of OUR CHILDREN!!! Reauthorizing ESEA will give every State even greater, albeit UNCONSTITUTIONAL, power to usurp authority from parents and hand it to the pseudo-SBE and dept. of ed. employees! And, even if parents were able to fight it in the courts, our current judicial system would most likely uphold the usurpation.

Have you heard why Common Core concentrates on teaching children from “Informational Texts?” It is a deliberate program to make schooling into “guild mentality” indoctrination and apprenticeship factories channeling children in “career pathways” ready to continue into college-based “journeyman” factories. And, thence, onward to the jobs – careers – waiting for them. What’s missing? Individuality! Creativity! Responsibility! Accountability! Learning Life’s valuable lessons in the Real World armed with the ability to pursue whatever life’s work beckons and draws them into it. This can only come from true education founded in the Biblical Principles that built the most exceptional and Greatest Nation on Earth! It has been systematically destroyed, replaced by indoctrination and graduation from apprenticeship level to the next!
The information below will answer many questions about what these evil people are actually plotting to do – IN MY NAME & YOURS – as they pretend to have the children’s best interests “at-heart!”
Along with telling our Representatives and Senators in Washington to defeat H.R.5 & S.11, there are at least five other actions we should begin NOW, if we are going to stop the deliberate transformation of Arizona into a Collectivist/Progressive “utopia” at the expense of our children and our future!

1. We must use the entire Grassroots Base that elected Supt. Diane Douglas, to inform the people what the Common Core truly represents!

2. From our Grassroots Base, we must inform the people of the SOLELY “professional” & business membership of Supt. Douglas’ Title 15 Review Committee, and demand it be composed of Parents, ANTI-COMMON CORE Teachers & “Educators” and other Concerned Citizens who truly have “EDUCATION” as our goal; not propaganda, indoctrination and transformation from LIBERTY TO TYRANNY!

3. From our Grassroots Base, we must work NOW, to find solid Constitutional Conservative candidates in our Base to unseat every elected representative of We the People who has acted or voted, to uphold and/or further, the tyrannical actions of our State Executive Department. If they don’t have the courage and moral fortitude to stand on CONSTITUTIONAL principles, they have not earned our votes!!!

4. Our Grassroots Base must begin Initiative Action(s) to amend the Arizona State Constitution to make its intent undeniable, as we move to clean-up the statutes where they allow too-broad legislative discretion, have been deliberately skewed, or are outright unconstitutional! (Along with the abuses exposed by the takeover of the public school system, it is past-time to remove the Progressives’ Free Pass to all levels of Arizona government to act as corporate bodies free to use tax monies to make business and regulatory decisions well-beyond the purview of the U.S. Constitution and AMERICAN SELF-GOVERNANCE!!!)

5. Our Grassroots Base must seriously pursue legal action against the MANY abuses of the State and U.S. Constitutions by Arizona’s Executive, Legislative and Judicial Departments, and wherever we find similar abuses in our five other levels of government. There is tyrannical abuse at every level!!!

Barack Obama and his ilk don’t really want to transform our children, do “they?” Yes! “They” are deadly serious! And, pretending to care about your children’s “careers,” they ARE doing it, NOW!!! Will we do all that we can to stop them? Or, will we just accept defeat and let our children continue to be cannon fodder casualties of this war for their hearts, minds and souls? To “them” this is WAR! And, until we realize that, as a Nation and a People, we will continue to see evil prevail.

Are we prepared to emulate the men who signed the Declaration of Independence in the face of a very real and bloody war, as we fight in the arena of ideas 239-years-later, to save and protect our CHILDREN from the EVIL that is tyrannical collectivism? Are we prepared to mutually pledge to our children all that those 56 courageous and principled men pledged to each other as they prepared to take-on the most powerful nation on Earth?

And, for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

Here is the contact information for our Senators:

Senator John McCain
Main: (202) 224-2235
Fax: (202) 228-2862

Senator Jeff Flake
P: 202-224-4521
F: 202-228-0515

Tweaking the Common Core Standards is a useless exercise in futility if Arizona continually allows the federal government to control P-20 education through the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) and through assessments. The federal government cannot dictate standards, student achievement, assessments, data mining, etc., per the US Constitution- this is all unconstitutional! If HR5 passes out of Congress, all parental rights and control over education will be gone through this ESEA reauthorization! We need to Stop the whole Common Core System (or Cult of Common Core like Brad McQueen likes to call it)- the Common Core standards, assessment and associated data mining!

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