Advancing Consensus Reality via Common Core

Side Note: This article is a comment posted to this article: The individual vs. the illusion of consensus reality.

Fascinating! And intriguing. . . . It is always refreshing to read the imaginings of an individual mind who has retained the creativity inherent in our Creator’s gift to Mankind of creating us in His image. It is, indeed, that invaluable gift inseparably melded with the reality of the separateness of the individual, that opens the Universe to true theoretical investigatory flights of the imagination that result in discovery and all the myriad creation further individual imagination can form out of that new-found knowledge.

Without the creativity of individuality, Man would still live in caves, grazing the wild grasses and gathering the produce of Earth’s flora, while augmenting his subsistence with injured or dying (shall I also venture to say: DEAD?) fauna. Because he would have no clue how to hunt the vibrant healthy sources of meat; he wouldn’t even be able to catch fish without some modicum of creativity. Instinct such as the fauna live by would declare us no different from them, and it would truly be the human version of dog-eat-dog.

What is in the forefront today of Consensus Reality in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave — the one nation on Earth founded on Biblical principles to acknowledge and protect our Liberty under God? It’s common denominator name is: the Common Core State Standards Initiative! It is the culmination of the century-long quest to establish Consensus Reality in our United States of America by deliberately — with malice aforethought — extinguishing that Flame of Liberty that burns by the grace of God in every true American Soul!

The collectivists, who call themselves the opposite of their true nature: “progressives,” reject God; to replace His objective reality and His gift of salvation, with a Changeling reborn of the evil nature personified by the Enemy and Man without our Lord and Savior. They fully intend to destroy the individual by destroying creativity.

And, if we don’t awake as a Nation and a People, those individuals who are left will be cordoned- off in Sectors A to Z across the country as the mind-cripples try to live real lives in the ultimate “imaginary” Consensus Reality! At some point, the Power Elites controlling Consensus — and, they must always pull the strings because, in True Reality, some individuals will always have and use power over others by their perverted use of creativity — will try to douse the Raging Flames of Liberty licking at the barriers surrounding the individual misfits, and threatening to break-out and consume the victims; enlightening and releasing them from the false Consensus Reality that has shackled their minds and souls. Their defense? The Power Elites would begin to mete-out their own brand of injustice; they would resort to a new version of Hitler’s Final Solution. For them, establishing their Consensus Reality is war! And, no holds are barred in their warfare!

We have but to look at all the upheaval and immorality happening around us; they are deadly serious, and they think they can smell the water! The alarming truth is, the water is septic and reeks of putrefaction! Unless we purge the cistern with Living Water, we will see this Nation plunged into a New Darker Dark Ages!

It is now measured consensus that a child’s creativity decreases with every year of schooling in this submerging Brave New World. By their own measure — Common Core-aligned “assessments” — they are “creating” their desired Consensus Reality; by Author Rappoport’s measure, should we be encouraged that as long as the individual children physically survive, there is hope for recovering them from the Pied Pipers of Hamelin?

Are there enough “creative individuals” left in America to stem the destruction and release our children from the Consensus Reality of the Dead Living? God knows. I pray there are . . .

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