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Did FBI Execute Friend of Boston Bombing Suspect During Interrogation?

And Now the possible whistle-blowers must die! Just like the suspects that didn’t do anything had to die. This is a False Flag. You don’t want to be a whistle-blower, You will die.

And I remember the day it happened, the runners continued as if nothing had happened. One did fall down, but it was a couple of seconds after the bomb went off. It just did not look right. And we saw it over and over again, as if the media was trying to convince us of something. Nothing flew out into the street that we could see.

Last Straw – Suspicious death of two FBI agents controversy

Published on May 27, 2013

Two well-trained Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents who were involved in the killing of a Boston bombing suspect have suspiciously died.

The FBI said in a statement that 41-year-old Christopher Lorek and 40-year-old Stephen Shaw were killed on May 17 as they fell out of a helicopter into water during a training mission off the coast of Virginia Beach.

US officials have blamed bad weather for the tragedy but some have questioned the credibility of the official account, considering it a cover-up.

They say the agents’ death adds to the suspicious death of a friend of the Boston bombing suspect, Ibragim Todashev, who was killed in his own apartment by an FBI agent.

Lorek and Shaw were part of the bureau’s Critical Incident Response Group and were both members of the team investigating the Boston Marathon bombings in mid-April. “You could always take it as one of an endless group of coincidences. We have so many [of them], when you look at the Boston investigation that these two individuals were involved in, everything had the stamp of CIA and FBI on it, from the first steps,” Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, told Press TV.

“What we have in the US is that we don’t report, we don’t have the least free press here. There are powerful dissident elements within our military, intelligence services and government that are under the control of… I’ll call them organized crime on a worldwide basis. If you refer to hundreds of billions of dollars worth of narcotics and trillions of dollars worth of financial crimes, it is simply organized crime, it is the understatement of all time,” he added.

The incident has reminded many of the dramatic death of top US commandos in Afghanistan, who lost their lives three months after their involvement in the alleged killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011.

On August 6, 2011, the helicopter of the Navy SEAL Team VI was shot down in Afghanistan.

The families of Navy SEAL members have blamed the government for the tragedy, saying the shooting down of the helicopter and the subsequent cover-up was planned by the government.

They said that US President Barack Obama turned the SEALs group into a Taliban target after the administration revealed they had conducted the bin Laden raid.

The families also claimed Taliban militants had received leaked information from the US government regarding the landing site of the commandos’ helicopter.

Moreover, the SEAL Team VI members were reportedly flown to the landing site with a Vietnam-era Chinook helicopter rather than with their customary Special Forces choppers.

“There is absolutely nothing that is credible about that; this is not a mission they would have been on, this is not a helicopter they would have been on,” Duff pointed out.

And the faked deaths of so called victims.

How to Fake Death at the Boston Marathon – What They Don’t Want You to Know

My take on what happened:

FBI trained and financed the two so called suspects. They were planted at the scene as part of the drill. But when Alex Jones found two suspects that looked like them, the official story had to change from what THEY were releasing (a single arrest); to the two so called suspects.

Then the government turned on the two so called suspects to cover up what was really going on. (The government needs these folks dead or disabled from talking.) That is when the government identified them and they had to run for their lives. What else could explain the delayed and failed escape plan. They did not know they would have to escape per the planned drill.

The following are the tweets and links that I used to come up with the above thought.

I know. I did not tell you; “who did the bombing”. I do not know that. So is this going to be, like Benghazi, or are YOU going to do your own homework and figure out for yourself what is going on? Or are you going let the world to continue to control your life?

Why False Flags.

THEY are trying to instill Fear to sell taking your rights and to get you used to the Police State. See videos below.

Joel Skousen: Tsarnaev Brothers Were Set Up

FBI Looking for 12 Islamic Sleeper Cells Linked to Boston Bombers

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Boston bombers didn’t have permit to carry gun.

Clearly we have Islamic terror in US. Yet @RepPeteKing attacked as racist for bringing it up. We are in war of ideological

Anyone who doesn’t recognize the ongoing threat that Muslim Extremists pose to our nation is living in a fantasy land

A fact you’ll fail to report–one of the terrorists could/should have been deported and wasn’t:

Obama’s Peace Partners Urge Muslims To Buy Arms And Take Part In ‘Jihad Against Jews And Christians’

The Terrorists Have Been Identified: by corbettreport his best YET! #FalseFlag.concepts are fully explained.

I’m watching #CNN; what part of Police State don’t you understand. This is where to watch it and get used to it before it comes to your neighborhood.
Innocent Watertown family ripped from their home at gunpoint; Police storm the property –

I won’t have a bunch of God-forsaken cretins who advocate killing kids before they’re 1 day old telling me I want children to die.

The Mom says FBI in contact with her younger boy for 5 years
American Terror: Manufactured by the FBI:

The Boston bombings in context: How the FBI fosters, funds and equips American terrorists

@1stCitizenKane That’s all nice and everything; but let’s destroy THEY by coming together!

@AmericaDuped These must be the pictures the #FBI does want you to see! Prison Boston Bombing Culprits IDed?

The Most Busted Name in News #CNN wrong

THEY announced to the crowd that the increase security was just a training exercise. #FalseFlag : Boston Marathon befo…: – Why didn’t #CNN have this footage on it? – answer CNN is part of it. All FalseFlags have training exercises in involved.

this is a False Flag discussion

Behind the Terror: A Look at the Terror of the Boston Bombing

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