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The break must be hard and the rack must spread and 5 balls must hit a rail. Have fun; don't turn this into a one hour one pocket game. Bust them and try to run them. Do not gamble at this game, play it for fun and for a drill to increase your skills at other games. Make the 15 ball on the break you win the game.

Rack up 15 balls with the 15 in the center and no two of the corner balls may add up to 15, the rest of the balls go in random order.

Object of the game is to score 5 cribs out of a total of 8, 4-4 is a tie. Play a set to a race to 5 games, if you end up tied, and then goes into sudden death.

Cribbage is a pair of object balls, legally potted numerically totaling 15. There are just these seven regular cribbage's. 1-14, 2-13, 3-12, 4-11, 5-10, 6-9, 7-8. No other ball combinations can be cribbage's except that when all seven regular cribbage's have been legally pocketed then the 15 ball becomes cribbage by itself, the 15 ball must be potted last. You cannot score a crib potting 3 balls that add up to 15.

The 15 can be a neutral ball and used. If the 15 is blocking a pocket, you may pot it, it then spots and you may continue your run. You may pot the 15 to gain position on another ball. Intelligent, educated people love this game.

No balls are called on the break and any that fall are yours. After the break all shots must be called using 14.1 rules. Obvious straight end shots may be assumed, but any combos or banks or any shot not obvious must be called. No slop, this game is not for bangers, this game is pool chess. If you bank and do not call the shot, your opponent may call a foul and take cue ball in hand even if you pot the shot and that crib run of one or two balls is then spotted.

If your opponent sees you pot the 1 and then realizes you are making a mistake and are lining up to pot the 13 in error and are making a addition mistake he may remain silent, allow you to pot and call a foul and take cue ball in hand. The spirit of this game should be to show total sportsmanship and warn the player in advance of his mistake. New comers to this game will get confused easily so do not take advantage of this please. Help them to make these mental additions correctly to 15.

If you soft safety break and do not drive 5 balls to the rails your opponent can take over the break from you or make you rebreak. Failure to break correctly 3 times in a row is loss of game.

To legally pocket cribbage, the two balls must be pocketed that add up to 15. You can make a crib making two separate shots, potting the one, getting shape and potting the 14 on your second shot. You could score a crib making the 1 and 14 as a trick shot making both on one stroke. If you would wade into the stack making a crib and 1 or more other balls pot, these are carry balls. They are yours to use any time during your run. Say you potted the one, they potted the 14 going into the stack making a crib but also potted the 5, that is your carry ball. You can make two more cribs and then get shape on the 10, pot that one ball and score another crib.

It just as the 5 was already in your box. If your run ended, then any and all carry balls that did not convert into cribs then spot up.

The same rule applies on the break, if you pot a ball, your run may begin. If you pot 3 balls, the 3 the 5 the 9, these are carry balls.

You can begin your run shooting any ball on the table. You pot the 1, then the 14, your first crib. If you see the 6 and pot it, that goes with your 9 carry ball and that is your second crib. Breaking well and making several balls on the break and getting a run started can then be a Hugh advantage in this game. It makes getting and keeping the break the key to winning.

After the break and your run ends any carry balls that did not convert into cribs spot up.

If you pot the 1 and then miss the 14, the 1 ball spots on the rack spot. All other balls spot behind it keeping a vertical line down from the spot to the rail. Follow the general rules of pool on this.

After your run you empty the pockets of all your balls and lay them out on the table and you do not remove them until your opponent has checked and approved your scores. Each 2 ball set must add up to 15. If you have the 1-14 and the 5-10 and the 6 displayed after missing the 9 ball, you then spot up the 6 and take your 4 balls and removed them from the table into the rack slots on the end of the table. If during your run you did pot 2 balls by mistake that did not add up to 15 and that is discovered when your run ends, that crib is taken from you, those 2 balls in the crib are spotted and your opponent now has cue ball in hand.

One half of the ball racks is for your balls, the other half is for your opponents. If your table does not have these racks, lay out the balls on an empty table next to you or on the floor. When you place your 4 balls on your half of the table in the rack box means your score is now 2. It is vital to know your scoring position in this game at all times. Usually a single crib wins most games if your opponent and you are close in skill levels. If you jump out with a 3-0 lead early, that is Hugh and hard to overcome.

All fouls are cue ball in hand.

If the opponent pots the 1 and then pots the 13 making a addition mistake, both balls spot and the opponent has cue ball in hand. You must make a legal hit on the ball you are shooting at or give up cue ball in hand. If you pot the 1 and hook your self where you do not hit the 14, drive it to a rail or hit the 14 and the cue ball hits a rail, this is a foul.

You may call a ball in a pocket and call safe. If the ball pots, it spots and the opponent plays the cue ball where it lies. There is no foul for this. You cannot do this twice in a row, the second time you must drive a ball to a rail or hit a ball and have the cue ball hit a rail. You may play safe that way as many times as you wish to.

Loss of game if you commit three fouls in a row.

Illegally pocketed balls are spotted with no penalty.

Object balls jumped off the table are all spotted, foul, cue ball in hand.

Cue ball jumps off the table, foul, cue ball in hand.

All fouls, cue ball in hand.

this thanks to http://www.fastlarrypool.com/encyclopedia/knowledge_rules_fastcribbage.htm



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