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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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Arguing - Liberal vs Conservative

This video has some excellent dialogue about Arguing Liberal vs Conservative: using a totally objective manner/technique. State each other arguments and facts. This finds the facts you agree on. He also points out the tribe mentality in America. And this is the essay he calls Why I Am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal in this video.

David Mamet on "Conservatism" - arguing to achieve real communication

Responding To Negative People

How To Respond To Negative People Without Being Negative

What are the real issues? The issues we all have. The issues that are common to both Liberal and Conservatives.

  • Personal Responsibility - Do you want to be told what to do?
  • Government should have to follow the rules.
  • People should be able to keep their earnings.

Go on the Offensive!

Don't let them control the conversation.

Arguing Liberal vs Conservative Politics so the Conservative Wins

Find Common Ground between Liberal and Conservatives



Lets Talk News.

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