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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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Character Issues in America

If the people of the world hate US Citizens, it is because THEY are now conquering the world in your Name and with your money. Wake Up. We have to come together and save our good name.

Is War our Basic Social construct?

WWII and Americas New Civic Religion
WWII needs to be reconsidered

WWII was a scam, it was designed to propagate the establishment of hegemonic power of the Anglo-Saxon establishment. FDR knew about the impending Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor and staged the theater so contrived as to minimize the deleterious consequences on naval assets by repositioning older, more obsolete assets in and pulling newer, more useful assets out.It was Washington policy to goad the Japanese into attacking to galvanize public sentiment for a fight. - 266

Universal Soldier Donovan Anti War

A video made for the song "Universal Soldier" by Donovan


Freedom, Democracy, Peace; Power, Democide, and War

This website counts the dead because of War.



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