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Economic - Capitalism

In this week's Analysis Behind the News video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses the downsides of the Ukraine truce; how "free trade" deals with Communist nations will not benefit free enterprise in our nation and should be considered "managed trade" instead of "free trade"; how, since our government is moving us toward socialism domestically, why would we expect our government not to be moving us toward socialism in its foreign (trade) policy; and how Obama and Republican leaders say they are working to benefit the "middle class" with their socialist policies, when in actuality socialist politicians are always working to eliminate the "middle class," properly defined in terms of entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Socialist Lies Behind Our Nation's "Free Trade" Policy

The Proper View of Capitalism

This is a simplistic explanation of Capital (the means of production). It differentiates between Communism and what we call Capitalism. Most folks are discussing this topic without the basic knowledge needed. I think this video will help the discussion.

Does the so called Western capitalist countries specifically the United States Have a Free Market? and the answer is No. The very existence of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alone indicates the U.S. economy isn't a free market. $700 billion bailout is one example, the United States has customarily turned to capitalism's antithesis -- socialism -- to artificially correct the markets.

What Is a Gold Standard?

Today's paper currency has no intrinsic value. It is not based on the value of gold or anything else. Under a gold standard, inflation was really limited. With floating value, or fiat, currency, however, some countries have seen inflation reach extremely high levels sometimes enough to lead to economic collapse. Gold standards have historically provided more stable currencies with lower inflation than fiat currency.

What Is a Gold Standard?



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