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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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You must understand how Money and Credit work and has worked throughout history. Knowing what the money exchangers are up to can only help. Also, there are a lot of Indicator mechanics, Money/Risk management, and Plan issues to consider before you start trading.

And all of our money is borrowed from the Fed Banks. We pay interest on it, but since it is all the money that is in circulation; how can we pay it back plus interest?? Fed Banks can only lend money into circulation, so that there's never enough money to pay the interest on the principle. A state, however, can issue debt-free money, yet past US Presidents such as Lincoln, Garfield, and Kennedy all ended up assassinated after they tried to change the banking system.

And, understand that the stock market is a continuous auction; there are bids (buyers) and asks (sellers). If either agrees to pay the others' price, a sale is executed. Is it that simple? Yes and No; for example, traders covering short positions look the same on the charts as new buying at the end of down streak. And Price moves towards liquidity in auctions.

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