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Education - Certified Teachers

Centuries ago governments begin certifying teachers. A certified teacher is taught specific methods to teach subject matter. Teachers go to teacher colleges/normal schools. Teachers are taught how to teach. The subject matter of what they teach has become secondary to how the subject is taught.

Normal Schools derive their name from the French phrase ecole normale. These teacher-training institutions, the first of which was established in France by the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1685, were intended to set a pattern, establish a “norm” after which all other schools would be modeled. The first normal school in America was established in Vermont in 1823. The name fell out of favor toward the end of the 1920s, when the influence of Columbia University’s Teachers College became paramount in the field of public education. Most such institutions changed their names to “teachers colleges” during the 1930s. Now that the “progressive education” teachings of the Columbia group have been discredited, the Progressive Education Association itself has disbanded and most colleges have dropped “teachers” from their names. Thus we find that the normal school of grandfather’s day became a “state teachers college” during father’s youth, but today’s sprouts are attending “state colleges.”

this from What's a Normal School?

Fascinating, compelling, informative and eye opening, don't miss this excellent Dark Journalist video. It discusses the motives behind Common Core in detail. And it turns out that the indoctrination policies are backfiring on the progressives.


So What Do Teacher Colleges Teach

The Core Curriculum is the set of common courses required of all undergraduates and considered the necessary general education for students, irrespective of their choice in major. The communal learning--with all students encountering the same texts and issues at the same time--and the critical dialogue experienced in small seminars are the distinctive features of the Core. Begun in the early part of the 20th century, the Core Curriculum is one of the founding experiments in liberal higher education in the United States and it remains vibrant as it enters its tenth decade. Not only academically rigorous but also personally trans-formative for students, the Core seminar thrives on oral debate of the most difficult questions about human experience. What does it mean, and what has it meant to be an individual? What does it mean, and what has it meant to be part of a community? How is human experience relayed and how is meaning made in music and art? What do we think is, and what have we thought to be worth knowing? By what rules should we be governed? The habits of mind developed in the Core cultivate a critical and creative intellectual capacity that students employ long after college, in the pursuit and the fulfillment of meaningful lives.

This from Columbia College - The Core Curriculum

My Observation About This

Note how many times the word "core" is used. This means Common Core has been around a long time, for centuries.

So these colleges teach people as to who they are. They are not teaching how to think but what to think. And then there is this observation: the people graduated from the schools have an attitude, which is they are educated.

  • To educate defined: to develop the faculties and powers of a person by instruction or schooling.

So what are the values the LEFT chose to instill/indoctrinate in us? That is hard to answer, so I will tell you what they did not teach the masses. That we are slaves to a debt banking/money system. That We are all that is! That only when we know who we are; can we know freedom!

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