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Developmentally Inappropriate Standards for K-3 Should be Removed

In spite of over 200 teachers spending over 6,000 volunteer hours to complete a comprehensive revision on the standards," the 2016 Arizona Draft Standards have hardly been changed, especially for Kindergarten through Grade 3. They are still Common Core. They are still developmentally inappropriate. You have until Oct. 3 to make a difference in a child's education! Please click HERE to comment. Or send an email to the Arizona State Board inbox at inbox@azsbe.az.gov.

Grades K-3 are critically important, because whatever is learned in these grades affects a child's success in every grade that follows.

The English Language Arts and Math Executive Summaries indicate that the review Committees considered Clarity, Cognitive Demand, and Measurability.

Why didn't they ask this question? Is the standard developmentally appropriate?

Members of the Arizona public brought forth this concern over a year ago. Child development professionals all across America did, too, before[1] and after the Standards were released in June 2010.[2]

This is an astonishing omission, because I'm sure that every teacher has been required to take at least one course in early child development in college. I was a business major and took a class in child psychology!

According to clinical child psychologist Dr. Megan Koschnick[3], and other experts[4] in this field, young children are not little adults. Their brains haven't developed to where they can reflect on their own thinking. They cannot think abstractly. They cannot understand another person's perspective. Learning to identify numbers and letters is far different from learning to perform mathematical operations and to read with understanding.

Kindergarteners are internally motivated to be independent and creative. They want to organize their stuff on their own; dress themselves on their own, paint, dance, recite stories, build a fort. They're openly proud of their accomplishments. We should encourage their independence and unique abilities. This is when teachers have a Golden Opportunity to introduce age-appropriate materials.

Since 1990, creativity has steadily diminished in American classrooms. Part of the problem is an obsession with standards.[5] In Kindergarten English Language Arts alone, there are 50 standards. If you include every itemized standard within a standard, there are 77.[6] And this doesn't include Kindergarten Math standards, of which there are 35![7]

The pressure of implementing the standards leads many kindergarten teachers to resort to inappropriate didactic methods combined with frequent testing. Teacher-led instruction in kindergartens has almost entirely replaced the active, play-based, experiential learning that we know children need from decades of research in cognitive and developmental psychology and neuroscience.[8],[9]

K-3 is not the time to encourage dependence and conformity. It is not the time to demand that young children collaborate and seek their peers' opinions and suggestions about their work. .

Teachers will have to drill and drill to get young children trained to respond correctly. Some of these children won't be able to meet, or will balk at, these standards and will experience much stress. They will suffer disapproval from teachers and parents. They might be considered "delayed" and subjected to remedial classes they don't need, or become behavioral problems.[10]

Sadly, they will miss out on age-appropriate learning, and will be forced to catch up while struggling with the demands for new learning.

There is also an obsession with advanced reading and writing skills at very early ages, before children have a grasp of oral language.[11] This trend over the last several years isn't producing better readers by the 4th grade any more than children who walk as early as 9 months old are better walkers than children who don't walk until they are 17 months.[12] In fact, forcing overly directive academic skills on young children may have an opposite, harmful effect, especially in the social-emotional realm.[13],[14]

Consider this: "Finnish education often seems paradoxical to outside observers because it appears to break a lot of the rules we take for granted. Finnish children don't begin school until age 7. They have more recess, shorter school hours than many U.S. children do (nearly 300 fewer hours per year in elementary school), and the lightest homework load of any industrialized nation. There are no gifted programs, almost no private schools, and no high-stakes national standardized tests.

"Yet over the past decade Finland has consistently performed among the top nations on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a standardized test given to 15-year olds in 65 nations and territories around the world." [15]

As stated by Laura Pappano of the Children's brains haven't changed; Kindergarten's expectations have. [16]

Here are a few examples of Inappropriate English Language Arts and Math Executive Summaries required of Kindergarteners. This list is by no means exhaustive. It's the tip of the iceberg.

English/Language Arts

K.RF.4. "Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding." K.W.5. With guidance and support from adults, respond to questions and suggestions from peers and add details to strengthen writing as needed. K.W.6. "With guidance and support from adults, explore a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers."


K.MP.2: "Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively." K.MP.3. "Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others." K.MP.6. "Attend to precision."


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[3] Dr. Megan Koschnick presents on Common Core at APP Conference and Common Core 101: Dr. Megan Koschnick.

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The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland

Piaget's Stages of Development (YouTube)

Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development

Read more in the Gilbert Report.

Providing the next generation with the skills to survive and thrive is critically important. When governments take over education, young minds suffer. The exploitation of the education racket is particularly vicious because to miseducate or under-educate a child is to cripple their future. Young minds naturally absorb information and seek the skills most essential to their happiness and prosperity. Threatening young people with consequences to ensure obedience stifles free-thinking and teaches the way of government: to accept rule by force.

Governments have always had an incentive to warp young minds to serve their purposes. With the rise of complex societies, governments had the means to force children into classrooms in what is sometimes referred to as "cemetery seating." It is an appropriate term, because coercive education kills a part of every child's vibrant individuality. In the industrial age, governments needed obedient workers with a specific set of skills. Forced education indoctrinates children with government values. It is much easier to convince young people to join the military and kill strangers if they have been "taught" that this is glorious. Governments also benefit from being able to keep certain knowledge away from students.

When governments control education, people become more dependent on institutional jobs because they are less capable of living independently. A government that controls education will never teach us to stand up for our rights. A government that is responsible for the development of young minds will teach them what to think, not how to think. A government that can control what we know, and what we don't know, can control what we do. Government schools will never teach an alternative to blind allegiance. The consequences of government education are far-reaching, profound, and compounded with each generation.

While government control over schools (whether by regulation or complete takeover) always hinders learning, it is important to see education as a much broader concept. Like a flower growing through a crack in a sidewalk, even someone whose schooling is thoroughly controlled cannot be prevented from flourishing. Especially now, with greater access to the internet, children are capable of educating themselves. In many places, parents are in a continuous revolt against forced education. Most want what is best for their children and seek alternatives like homeschooling, private schools, and various forms of self-guided learning. Parents who care too much to trust their children's minds to government and children who learn more online than from the mental prisons of forced "education" are exploring such alternatives like never before. Young minds absorb information much better by the indulgence of their curiosities and stimulation of their passions than by force.

That thanks to the the FREEDOM Line

In short/the big picture - Centralized Education (now called Common Core) is and was a tool to indoctrinate people. THEY want workers, not Professionals. So THEY dumbed down education.

And THEY realize that today's Education is tomorrow's Legislation.

And we can't continue to fund public k-12 Schools and Universities to indoctrinate our children in failed economic concepts such as the many variations of Marxism. Faculties refuse to teach Capitalism and our Constitution much less its benefits over Marxism. About half of our people were taught that they are entitled to live off of other people's money and they plan on voting for Hillary Clinton the most corrupt person in the history of politics who will destroy our country. This paragraph from NewsWithViews.com. This is a must read article.

Anti-logic: the education plague - "this means that"

In all times and places, logic is never taught to the masses. There is no intention to do so.

Now, in our "egalitarian society," education carries with it great PR pretension, a fakery that outflanks any other period in history.

Therefore, graduating students wrongly believe they know how to think.

In my latest collection, Power Outside The Matrix, I include a long audio tutorial, Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation, which is all about carrying out deep investigations of major official scenarios/stories, and discovering how and where these official structures can be penetrated, taken apart, and unfolded, so all their flaws and deceptions are exposed.

This training is meant to remedy the deep hole people find themselves in, when they go up against entrenched (or even alternative) "knowledge."

For example, there is a particular logical fallacy I call: "this means that."

It runs rampant throughout society. The fallacy bleeds into the reasoning process, into notions of self-worth, into people's need to identify themselves with an "acceptable" position.

Take the concept of manmade global warming. For many people, affirming this as a reality means:

I'm defending the sacred quality of life on Earth, I'm helping the planet, I'm exposing the nasty crimes of big corporations, I'm acknowledging and shining a spotlight on the selfish and petty actions of the masses, I'm in the vanguard of recognizing that this issue represents the greatest threat humankind has ever known, I'm transcending "profits over values", I'm envisioning with others a better world, I'm aligning myself with the best international scientific minds, I'm experiencing the sensation of having a larger mission in life.

This manmade global warming means all that.

Therefore, how do you approach rational discourse on the subject of manmade warming?

You don't.

There is no logic to be found. There is only "this means that."

Read the entire article at Anti-logic: the education plague by Jon Rappoport.

But What's Really Crazy

And then we have self-righteous indignation. Not only do they not understand logic, but they are getting high on it to. To explain:

  • Author David Brin warned that "self-righteous indignation" has become an addiction that is gripping America and is worse that "heroin, cocaine, and alcohol combined." Brin explained that the thrill derived from being sanctimonious was beneficial in previous years when warfare was more commonplace, but has become crippling to the psyche of the modern population and has given rise to an "outrage industry" which fuels political polarization. "If you're constantly returning to the sense of pleasure that you get from being so right," he cautioned, "there is a real chance that you're a junkie." He blamed this paradigm for causing the death of negotiation and the inability to spawn conversations about problems which "could easily be solved if we just talked to each other." This from thanks to http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2014/01/12

This James Corbett video excerpt is a brief history of education in America starting back in the 1800s and going to today. And find dozens of education topics in the left menu.

Corbett How Education was Taken Over

This is the Number One Deception THEY have orchestrated and are still orchestrating against us - "We the People". THEY educated us with their propaganda. Here is the History of how THEY did it. They did it with a very deceptive nefarious agenda. Most have no ideas this happened as THEY did it with great care to make it innate in all of us. Yes, THEY have made us into little Commies.

And now, THEY are doing it with Common Core; but tell us our dumbed down children are because of low teacher wages, etc. THEY tell us everything except what THEY are really doing. All THEIR communication is so Politically Correct, so nice, so righteous, but so nefarious.

What is THEIR nefarious agenda? That is another whole story, to long to discuss here. And Donald Trump Says He Will Cut Department Of Education And Common Core.

It is not about Common Core standards, that is just pushed so THEY can argue with you. And make you look stupid. No, it is about dumbing down your child. EDUCATING your child to fit into THEIR Consensus Reality

More Centralized Education (now called Common Core) will further exacerbate the decline of America. It is a Communist tool used so subtly that 99% of the people don't see it at all. See Advancing Consensus Reality via Common Core for more on how THEY did it and are doing it.

And now with the so called "Internet Neutrality", the President plans to pipe the same state sponsored Education into every classroom. It is called communism everywhere else but America. Here most are clueless of what is going on.


1. To develop the innate capacities of, especially by schooling or instruction. .
2. To provide with knowledge or training in a particular area or for a particular purpose:

That means you have been purposely programmed to be ignorant/small minded. You don't believe it! Think about it for a second; How can it not be so! All you life experiences have brought you here. Today. Now! Purposely. By whom? Why? And They are obviously running things without your input!!!

Oh, but wait! Guess whose responsibility it was to mold a Sovereign person? Are you aware of who you are? Or just another one of their Zombies.

Speaking of "educate/program them early . . ." have you heard about the Infants and Toddlers' Readiness Program they're working-on now? It is the next part of the indoctrination plan to precede Common Core with newborn babies to kindergarten! The goal is to start monitoring/influencing babies and their families as soon as the baby is born; hospital and home visits! I heard a progress report on it at the December, Arizona State Board of Education meeting. I was alarmed and appalled!!!

Common Core is Indoctrination because it is the child of our past educational systems, which taught all to be little Commies, was UnConstitutional and still is. The whole concept of Centralized Education is Indoctrination (STATE run Education). Thus if the whole concept is malignant, I cannot give you a couple examples of how it is Indoctrination.

A Central Education system (10th in the list of items needed for the march to Marxism) that teaches a STATE doctrine is the pillar of communism!

Most folks have not considered this. But for me it has become self-evident! Granted I had a hard time accepting that I was a little Commie. But, I have changed that. I am learning. thanks. But WAKE UP, Already! Most of our Educations went link this:

Oh, I guess that means We the People need to shut down the Department of Education. Is that radical. NO! What you are about to read and listen to has been radical, but THEY pulled if off so eloquently and slowly, you did not even know it happened.

Oh, and let us not forget, Obama wants to everyone to have 2 years of free college. Ya, Right! Of course the government can afford that too.

The Education system was used to indoctrinate us to conform to a predetermined outlook on life. It preached "think for yourself" while continually injecting subtle bits of indoctrination. Although, I did have one teacher, who actually did teach me how to think. He was the science teacher. And he did teach that science was not concrete.

Many folks never do figure it out. I call them push-buttons; because I can push their buttons and get a predetermined output. Even years later the same stimulus will cause the same predetermined output. Or maybe they are just zombies.

For some reason zombies like to persuade others to their indoctrinated beliefs. These zombies, therefore become our teachers, thus we have a self perpetuating cycle of persons that have to learn for themselves after they escape from the so called Educational system. Some people never do learn to think for themselves. It is sad!

Click for Larger

She Common Core looks scary familiar. Read more at Communism survivor: Common Core looks scary familiar. 'Do you want your kids to be test machines and cheap workers for corporations?'
In school, she said, teachers had to comply "with all the curriculum and testing requirements, or lose their jobs forever."
"Parents had no choice at all when it came to what we learned in school."
And the government would use the various registration procedures to "keep track of its citizens from birth to death."

We have Reformed Education time and again - Ya Right!

Over the past 30 years we have "reformed" education time and again -- America 2000 (G H Bush); Goals 2000 & School to Work (Clinton); No Child Left Behind (G W Bush) and now Common Core (Obama) -- at great expense to the American taxpayers while decimating the quality of our children's education. I don't have to tell you that our system remains broken; our children uneducated or under-educated and ill prepared for success in their adult lives.

These systemic problems will only get worse under Common Core. Our schools are under the control of the same Washington bureaucrats who have marginalized academic content -- stressing culture over content, social engineering over student achievement and conspiring to rewrite the story of American per-eminence in the world. Common Core is an education structure designed to make sure all the children receive the same propaganda.

Critical Thinking Question:

* In school we are led to believe that we are all living in an ideal vision of what society should be...

* But whose vision is it?

* And what were their ideals?

You have to Love Her. Well, Feel for Her. We Did it to Her? God I hope for her sake she is only putting it on for this video. :-)

The Truth About Common Core

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The Main Stream Media, A Propaganda Machine, is also a part of your children's education.



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