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Education - Govt Schools

Change Agents

So, what are government schools? They are administrative government agencies that exist to promote change. What kinds of change? Social change, political change, economic change, cultural change, religious change, change in our form of government. Total change.

But specifically, change from what to what? Change from a Christian, sovereign nation to a Humanist/Socialist interdependent nation-state in a dictatorship euphemisticcally called a "global community", with "world citizens" content with enslavement.


A change agent is a person, organization, or institution that changes or helps to change the beliefs, values, attitudes or behavior of people without their knowledge or consent.

The purpose of most of the activity that takes place in public, and often, in private and church schools, is not to change the child by developing his intellect, teaching him skills and a traditional body of knowledge. Rather, the purpose is to eliminate existing traditional beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors and to replace them with new beliefs and behaviors that will render the child susceptible to manipulation, coercion, control and corruption for the rest of his life .

To substantiate the above definition, the scope and effect of change agentry will be unfolded in many ways throughout this book . It should also be kept in mind that the term "change agent" is not an invention of the author, but the creation of the government and education establishment

This from the book "CHANGE AGENTS In The SCHOOLS" by Barbara Morris.

Barbara Morris the author of this book, knew back in 1979 that our schools were not educating but rather indoctrinating. It is especially true of folks that went to college. I recently told my psychologist at the VA; the only difference in between he and I was that he had seven more years of propaganda. Needless to say, it is not an ongoing relationship. :-)



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