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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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Education - Knowledge vs IQ

Knowledge and IQ are the ingredients of the Human thinking process. Knowledge is the accumulation of data. IQ is the ability to assimilate that data into meaningful thoughts/conclusions. Thankfully, we all have some of both.


Educational systems generally teach Teacher College knowledge. They generally do not teach thinking technique to improve your IQ. Thus we have educated people who cannot draw conclusions, they only have knowledge. And that knowledge can turn into gospel.

Thus, websites like this one are generally dismissed as science fiction. The persons most apt to do so are the very educated among us. The most educated persons are the ones that have had the most programming from "THEY".

Just Plain Stubborn.

That is a fact. So it follows the educated among us are the biggest skeptics of the new ideas. These educated folks want proof of all new ideas or theory, while old ideas and theory get a pass because they already have the old ideas and theory in their vocabulary.

"That just cannot be so, that is not what I was taught." I have heard this thousands of times. It makes my skin crawl.

We have been taught that we are the most advanced humans ever. If we are the most anything; it is that we are the most close minded. Thankfully, this is changing with the dawn of a new Age; the Age of Aquarius. Yes, the start of Aquarius was 21 Dec 2012.

The picture shows students going into school, but hamburger is the product of the schools. There is some mind control operations that have gone on and are still today. The mind control operations are generations of folks teaching generations the so-called truths the teacher colleges profess. The term Certified Teachers comes to mind. The reason why you cannot carry on a conversation with a lot of folks is they learned it in college. Not from their parents. Not from Church. Not from life, but from college. They are beyond even thinking. They know. And these are the people teaching our children. It is a vicious circle. It ensures the LEFT a dumbed down population of voters.


Anyway you look at it, Teacher College knowledge does not play on itself for me. I can not make you think out a big picture of your own. You have to do that. But ask yourself exactly how religion, science and politics play together. Does Politics trump science? Does History make sense even after you know some facts of your own. etc.


Never stop Learning, it is the only way to grow. And don't stop searching for more at the first ideas you like.

Death Valley is not dead. It is dormant. Just underneath the surface perceives a possibility just waiting for the right conditions to grow and flourish, but in the ecology of learning you don't have to wait and hope and pray for it to rain because with the ecology of learning you are the rainmaker.



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