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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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Education - Political Bias

The fuss we’ve heard over math standards and teaching methods is certainly warranted, but it’s a mere distraction next to the much bigger target: the changing of our United States history.

Math and English are only the outer shell of the Trojan Horse that is Common Core. Inside that huge decoy lies the real political agenda, driven by the mighty College Board. It is the revisionist teaching of US History with a distinctly negative view, and it has been going on for many years. Dennis Prager calls it the “proctologist’s view” of American History, and Lynne Cheney has written an excellent essay on the subject.

This thanks to David Leeper at The Western Free Press.

Stanley Kurtz, former liberal and a Harvard PhD in Social Anthropology, tells us the real goal and the insidious agenda behind Common Core. It's not about math and English. Those are trouble enough but pale in comparison to what the Left is attempting to do to US History. Here is a compact, clear description of the links to the infamous College Board and to David Coleman who has helped steer it toward his agenda -- the elevation of The State and The Collective over the individual.

US History
Inside the Trojan Horse Called Common Core - Part 1

US History
Inside the Trojan Horse Called Common Core - Part 2

These videos were extracted from Sunday Leaders Stanley Kurtz.

Do you now understand that we are all Little Commies. That is what we have been taught and what we are still teaching today. It has been done so subtilely that we don't even know it is innate in us.



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