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Education - Revolution

The Socialist Revolution via Public Education

via: Author Warns of Schoolhouse "Revolution".

The federal government is now spending close to $70 billion a year to support a criminal enterprise in America, said Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld, an educational consultant and author of Revolution via Education And Other Essays. The "criminal enterprise" of which he speaks is the American public school system and $70 billion is the annual budget of the U.S. Department of Education. Speaking before about 20 people at a John Birch Society breakfast meeting at the Common Man Restaurant in Concord, NH Saturday morning, Blumenfeld counted a number of crimes being committed in the name of education in America, starting with treason.

To make his point, the author reached back nearly three full decades to the report in 1983 of the National Commission on Excellence in Education, which told of a "rising tide of mediocrity" that had engulfed American education, a tide so devastating in its effects that, in the words of the report: "If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war. As it stands, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves."

"Is treason a crime?" Blumenfeld asked, noting that an act of war against the United States, committed by Americans themselves would be treason. He went on to cite several other crimes committed in the name of education, including pornography and drug pushing. The pornography is what sex education has become, Blumenfeld said, though when it was first introduced in the 1960's, most parents thought it would be teaching the children "about the birds and the bees." Now the schools are promoting sexual activity among youngsters, by preaching "safe sex" and handing out condoms, while teaching homosexuality as a "lifestyle" as early as kindergarten and first grade, he said. Blumenfeld, A Massachusetts resident, Blumenfeld recalled a father in Lexington, Mass. was escorted from his child's school by the police several years ago when he insisted on seeing what his daughter, a first-grader, was being taught in her sex education class.

As for drug pushing, today's schools create an environment loaded with distractions, then insist on Ritalin and other "medications" for students who are hyperactive and have trouble concentrating, Blumenfeld said. The list of crimes Blumenfeld claims the schools are committing has grown over several decades, as the author and critic has observed and written about them in seven books over the past 30 years. Much of what is wrong with education has to do with the way reading is taught, or, more accurately, is not taught, Blumenfeld insists. He blames professional educators for abandoning the systematic teaching of phonics, a problem the nation discovered 56 years ago when Rudolph Flesch published his 1955 best seller, Why Johnny Can't Read: And What You Can Do About It. Despite the book's notoriety and the concern of many parents over declining reading skills among school children, the education establishment has continued to teach the reading of English as though it were Chinese, Blumenfeld said. As a result, we not only have teachers who don't know how to teach students to read, but teachers colleges who can't teach teachers how to teach students to read, he said. The author ridiculed the "whole word" or "look-say" method of teaching reading as one that substitutes guesswork for exactitude. Reading texts in the early grades, like the "Dick and Jane" readers that were prevalent when Flesch wrote his book, pair words with pictures, so the child sees a picture of a horse, for example, alongside the word "horse."

"So a child who sees 'h-o-r-s-e' might read it as pony,'" Blumenfeld said. "And the teacher is delighted because the child is getting the concept. But someone who sees h-o-r-s-e and says 'pony' isn't reading."

Since reading is the key to learning in virtually all subjects, the entire education effort has been undermined by the "look-say" method and a child's love of learning is retarded, if not extinguished. It is, Blumenfeld said, as though the schools were performing "non-surgical frontal lobotomies" on the students, the evidence of which may be seen in the zombie-like behavior of young people on the streets, in front of video games or in the shopping malls. To make matters worse, this "dumbing down" of education is being financed by a tax system that "extorts" increasing amounts of money from parents and others to pay for the non-education of the children.

"Is extortion a crime?" Blumenfeld asked. He recommended the public schools be privatized, with foundations established to provide financial assistance for parents who cannot afford their children's tuition. At the same time, the parents and other taxpayers would be relieved of the tax burden they now endure to pay for public schools.

Blumenfeld said the education establishment has been dominated for most of the 20th and now the 21st Century by Marxists and Fabian Socialists, who have imposed their methods gradually so the American people would grow used to them by degrees and would not rebel against them. Now with sex education and other programs undermining conventional morality, parental rights have been diminished, along with the minds of their children. The souls of the children are also endangered by a system of education that is often called, in an oxymoron, "free and compulsory." The bureaucratic elite running government schools have a vested interest in promoting a form of education that discourages what is often called, "thinking outside the box." In fact, Blumenfeld said, it discourages thinking, period.

Blumenfeld's lectures, books and essays invite citizens to beware of the concentration of power in a national education establishment and the influence, for time and eternity, of that establishment in corrupting the minds and souls of youth. An invading army or band of terrorists may assail the flesh with bombs and bullets, but the weapons employed by today's educators are both more subtle and more deadly, he warned. His words bring to mind the warning of One who long ago told of the fatal effects of miseducation.

No Child Left Behind

During the first hour, retired San Francisco teacher Tom Berg talked about issues surrounding education evaluation. He put forward the argument that the No Child Left Behind act has had a deleterious effect on how both teachers and students are evaluated. To that end, Berg observed that teachers who "get those standards pounded into kids heads using very, very fearful terroristic techniques" get rewarded. Additionally, he declared that No Child Left Behind "turns kids into compliant zombies and it rewards the most submissive kids." As far as how to best evaluate the quality of an educator, Berg suggested that input from students should be taken seriously, because they spend the most time with their teachers and can attest to who is best engaging them in the learning process.

This is from Coast to Coast AM.

Major Conflict of Interests

  • CNN Harping that Education will lead to Jobs

CNN News was saying education of population would lead to high paying tech jobs. No high paying tech jobs come from hard work in a positive trade environment. High pay results from job performance which far surpasses any education. I formally had a High School Education, but managed to be a highly pay software engineer. Granted education may help, but without the proper environment jobs will not appear out of thin air no matter how educated the population is.

  • College Level Professors

The college level professors are corporate board members or corporate lawyers. They are writing the Economics text books, thus they teach the students so that their corporations feast. These professors are making millions; as documented in the movie - Inside Job.

  • Tenure makes Firing Teachers Almost Impossible

Tenure has made it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. Multiple groups have published charts illustrating graphically how difficult it is to get rid of a teacher who can't or won't improve. Washington City Paper even made a game out of D.C.'s Byzantine, union-enforced process. Click on one of the thumbnails below for a visual perspective on how tough teachers unions make it to terminate bad teachers.

This is from Teachers Union Exposed.

State schools

State schools are failing: inefficiencies are rampant, teachers are underpaid and lack accountability, and students are not getting the quality education they deserve. The more the state intervenes the worse it seems to get.




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