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Education - Trojan Horse

This Article Originally written by William Lafferty

I left out some things I knew to be wrong or very suspect.

Why Does .....

All of us struggle to make sense out of what we see around us, and we're frustrated because we can't. For example, what sense does it make for an unknown Illinois senator who has accomplished nothing on a scale larger than a neighborhood get elected President of the United States? Why do labor unions continually support democrats when Obamacare is wrecking their members' benefits, and the immigration bill, if passed, will do nothing but lower wages?

Why does the Attorney General of the United States think he can stonewall congress, be charged with contempt, and continue to stonewall? Why does any congress vote for any bill that will affect 20% of the economy of this country without reading it or knowing its cost? Why does Obama support the elimination of gun ownership when he knows banning guns will not reduce gun crime? Why do most blacks support the Democratic Party and agenda when it is obvious it has locked them into poverty? And the list goes on. You know it already.

Trevor Loudon Introduction

Recently I met a researcher from New Zealand, Trevor Loudon, who offers an explanation. In short, it is that communism is behind all of the things that don't make sense.

My initial response to this was that Russia is no longer a power to be reckoned with, and its economy is dominated by gangsters. I also pointed out that communist political activity in this country is virtually non-existent. Louden's response is that one of the great achievements of modern communism is convincing its victims that it doesn't exist, and it only takes a few highly trained personnel to take over an entire country, even one as large as ours.

Loudon's interest in Communism began in 1984, when a socialist government was elected in New Zealand. Embracing a policy of clean and safe energy, New Zealand's legislature enacted a bill banning nuclear-armed ships from New Zealand harbors.

Until this time, U.S. Nuclear-armed warships had docked in New Zealand as part of a military alliance between Australia, New Zealand, and United States (ANZUS), but after American nuclear-armed ships were banned in New Zealand, ANZUS was effectively terminated, and New Zealand then was vulnerable to China and China-sponsored states.

During this period, Loudon met and interviewed a New Zealand government operative who had infiltrated the New Zealand Communist party. At one point, the party sent him to Moscow for training. At the training facility, there were more than 7,000 students from all over the world. They were being trained on techniques of infiltration that were appropriate to their countries. Some of the training went on for as long as seven years.

Trojan Horses

The essence of the training for places like New Zealand was that a few Communist operatives would infiltrate the largest labor unions, peace movements, environmental groups and radical groups and promote a "Trojan horse," a message or slogan, such as "green power," that would be easily accepted but designed to promote Soviet objectives. That is what happened in New Zealand: once the labor unions in New Zealand were infiltrated and persuaded to adopt a "green" policy, the unions pressured government to enact "green" laws. This had the effect of defeating the military compact that protected New Zealand, which was the actual Russian policy goal.

These Trojan horses and slogans are always innocuous "morally superior" projects like "green is good" or "helping the poor," and they are readily accepted by an unsuspecting public.

Trojan horses in use right now in the United States include the use of "hate crime" instead of "duplicate prosecution," "undocumented person" instead of "illegal alien," "Asian" instead of "oriental," "green energy" instead of "more costly energy," "zero tolerance" instead of "absolute power," "progressive" instead of "radical," "safe zones" instead of "places where everyone is unarmed," "Ceasefire" instead of "Turn in Your Guns," "workplace violence" instead of "jihadist murders," and "affirmative action" instead of "racism."

According to Loudon, through use of these Trojan horses and other techniques, our most important institutions have been compromised. He is convinced that these techniques worked so well to undermine the electorate by 2010, which we would have lost the election and the country, had not the Tea Party come along. There was no other effective opposition to the Democrats. That is why Democrats demonize the Tea Party and refer to it as a terrorist organization.

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of the Communist party has always been to become the dominant power in the world. However, the United States is too strong militarily for a frontal attack, so in order to defeat the United States, Communists must compromise our military from within. Defunding the military is an obvious and promising route that is currently being pursued, but another is the more direct elimination of leadership. Obama has fired the following nine generals within the last year, two of whom were in charge of the nuclear arsenal:

  • General Carter Hamm, United States Army.
  • Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette, United States Navy.
  • Major General Ralph Baker, United States Army.
  • Brigadier General Bryan Roberts, United States Army.
  • Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant, United States Marine Corps.
  • Major General Charles M.M. Gurganus, United States Marine Corps.
  • Lieutenant General David Holmes Huntoon Jr, United States Army.
  • Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, United States Navy - Deputy Commander of the United States Strategic Command.
  • Major General Michael Carry, United States Air Force - Commander 20th Air Force.

Even if Obama's Communist-Socialist ties were not so pronounced, these dismissals would be of concern.

What Loudon does see as a problem is immigration. In the last election, roughly 70% of Hispanics voted democrat. When you add ten or fifteen million newly minted voters to the Democratic side, Republicans will never again elect a president. That is why Obama is now adamant about immigration "reform."

According to Loudon, Obamacare is not a serious problem for Democrats. They knew it would fail, and that would lead to a single-payer-government-controlled health care system, which is what they wanted all along. The single payer system (Socialized medicine) will give the government easy access to vital information about everyone, will earn loyalty for the millions receiving subsidies and free insurance, and will set up the easily manipulated IRS as custodians of the entire system.

Loudon explains his interest in our political problems this way: if the United States falls into the hands of Communists, there will be no help for the rest of the world, including New Zealand. He suggests that we have three years to defeat the Communist opposition and that the only practicable way to do that is to strengthen the Tea Party and take over the Republican Party. If the Tea Party does not take over the Republican Party and win the next election, the United States and the rest of the world, according to Loudon, will quickly sink into a Communist morass. Once the United States collapses under Communism, there will be no place to hide.

This is only an outline of the conclusions Loudon has reached from his research. It is the framework within which to use Louden's two books, BARACK OBAMA AND THE ENEMIES WITHIN and THE ENEMIES WITHIN: COMMUNISTS, SOCIALISTS AND PROGRESSIVES IN THE U.S. CONGRESS (available at Amazon).

Obama came to nominate Elana Kagan for the Supreme Court, the answer lies in a tangle of relationships. Kagan worked for Abner Mikva, an extreme left wing judge who became an admirer and mentor to Obama. At one point, Mikva was White House Counsel for Bill Clinton. In 1947 Mikva practiced labor law in Chicago with partner Arthur Goldberg, later a Supreme Court Justice, who sponsored Communist Party fronts like The Chicago Conference on Race Relations, the Conference on Constitutional Liberties in America, and the National Emergency Conference. Goldberg was also President of the Lawyer's Guild, at that time a Communist dominated organization.



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