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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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FireArms Realities

How will you respond to real-world violence? There is an unknown affect to the body which most people have not heard of. It is the adrenaline affect. You become so energized that you cannot hear. Your vision goes into slow-motion.

More than likely, you were react as you trained.

FireArm Realities

The Concept

This thanks to Alan Korwin of Gun Laws dot com

Certain words hurt you when you talk about your rights and liberties. People who would deny your rights have done a good job of manipulating the language so far.

Without even realizing it, you're probably using terms that actually help the people who want to disarm you.

To preserve, protect and defend your rights in the critical debate on where power should reside in America, you need effective word choices. Try out some of the ideas in this chart the next time you deal with this subject.

Then just give it a rest and watch where it goes. You'll hear their litany, replete with flaws. Don't rebut, seize the moment, listen hard and learn -- then just raise an eyebrow and think, "How 'bout that. Feller doesn't even own a gun. It takes all kinds." Then talk about something else. And boy, does the disjoint hang in their craw.

Talking about FireArms the exact words matter

How we present our argument matters, i.e. the exact words. Never sabotage yourself with the wrong word choice.

A more accurate, and far more compelling term than the common "pro gun." The reverse term, which describes them, is "anti rights." Misguided utopian disarmament advocates love the phrases "pro gun" and "anti gun," because they automatically win when those terms are used. They believe guns are inherently evil, so the only righteous path from their point of view is to be anti gun. Only devils and maniacs would be pro gun from their perspective, and they feel vigorously self-righteous about that. You flat-out lose if you allow a debate to be framed that way.

The debate is really between people who are "pro rights" and "anti rights" -- and then you automatically win -- because the righteous choice between pro rights and anti rights is obvious. You're pro safety; pro self defense; pro freedom; pro liberty; pro Bill of Rights (correctly casting them as anti safety; anti self defense; anti freedom; anti liberty; anti Bill of Rights). This is an accurate depiction of people who would restrict, repress and flat-out deny civil rights you and your ancestors have always had in America.



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