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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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The big topic is Operation Gladio - Started at the end of WWII to supposedly stop communism. It quickly became an independent force. It's goal now is to conquer the world. It is the force behind most False Flags. Yes, Benghazi was a part of it. Benghazi (gun running to Syria) is just a very small corner of it.

Gladio got it's root in treaties signed after WWII; National Security Act of 1947, US State Department, CIA and NATO are the headliners.

Gladio is huge, permeating most of what we know over the last 60 or 70 years. Everything from SandyHook, elections here and around the World, Government overthrows, most of the so called terrorist bombing, drug running, and False Flags.

ISIS is a Gladio project, too. It is why Obama (well our government) had to lie about Benghazi. Think about it. four Americans dead and nothing done. How heartless can We get? How do feel about financing both sides of this war. Think about it: ISIS is the US. And I'm sure there is more if you search McCain and ISIS.

This video has all the details pertaining to the Middle East.

James Corbett Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS?

The truth about Benghazi would expose all.

A two sentence summary of Operation Gladio: A Rogue group of elite people, set on controlling the world, organized and executed False Flags which has shaped the world. They financed the operations by running drugs worldwide, although they targeted black people. This is your government operating under the guise of their broadcasted Consensus Reality. This website is a good starting point, but I am sure you will find "more than you wanted to know" :-) else where.

This Country has so much egg on it's face it is not funny. Operation Gladio has been terrorizing the world since WWII. Obama can't stop it, else he'd be dead like JFK. The only folks that can stop it is people like you and I. We have to acknowledge the problem and rise up against what is going on.

There is a sickening spectacle unfolding in Ukraine so called "Western Democracies" are supporting a brutal regime made up of Billionaire Oligarchs and avowed Fascists while they wage war on their own people. In fact the IMF even made it's loans conditional on the successful prosecution of it's war. The CIA is advising the new regime on how to crush dissent by terrorizing the population. Of course it's an old story in the third world but what is seldom recognized is it is not such a rare occurrence in Europe itself. Whether they know it or not the citizens of NATO countries and even non-NATO countries have only the illusion of national sovereignty or democracy. As Daniele Ganser explains in his book "NATO's Secret Armies Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe" after world war 2 western european counties signed secret bilateral agreements with the United States vowing that they would prevent any democratic movement that would threaten to either change the social order or adopt an independent foreign policy. As part of these secret agreements they agreed to found secret "stay behind armies" that would wage a secret war on the public to manipulate public opinion through so called psychological operations. Psychological operations can range from propaganda, to false flag terror attacks, up to official State terror against the populace. In many countries they recruited fascists and later they would found, train and fund new fascist groups. This is what they don't mention about the recent extreme right wing victories. For 70 years the CIA in cooperation with the intelligence agencies of every european country have kept fascism alive in Europe by funding and training them. Throughout the Cold War stay behind armies would be involved in all sorts of crimes and strange operations terrorism, assassinations, coups and operation Condor style state repression. The cover for these stay behind armies was that they existed to prepare for a Soviet Invasion. However they also had the dual role of keeping communists from coming to power peacefully. In Italy, France, and Greece stay behinds would be used from the beginning to subvert democracy. In countries not in danger of voting against the wishes of the US and UK the Stay Behind Networks might remain largely dormant. However in places where the communists and socialists enjoyed broad popular support the stay behind networks were quite active. Not only communists were targeted however. Even general De Gaulle a strong anti-communist became a target when he wisely decided to grant Algeria independence. In other countries such as Spain and Portugal which were openly fascist dictatorships the secret armies literally became the government and were used to kidnap torture and kill any who dared to dissent or often merely anyone who aroused their paranoid suspicions. This article is yet another continuation of my earlier article "America, the CIA, and Fascism", and like "Nazis and the CIA" it is an expansion on a paragraph of that article. I have relied mostly on Daniele Ganser's "NATO's Secret Armies" in it he describes what is known about GLADIO operations in all the NATO members countries.

Read more of this at Anti-Imperialist U Operation Gladio page. This is a very large page, have fun.

Be sure to watch The Secret Government: (1987), it is the history of Gladio before we called it Gladio. And read and watch Corruption in American. It has been overwhelming over the last 100 years. It led to Gladio.

Gladio Books search.

Gladio videos search - this is good stuff too

the best Operation Gladio link I have found so far. The links at the bottom of this are great too.

How can so many people keep a secret this big?

Gladio Chronology Highlights - just the super big stuff

June 1942- Pius XII creates the Vatican Bank; Lucky Luciano is recruited by ONI April 1943- Operation Husky Feb. 1945- Fort Hunt Conference (formation of Gladio) April 1945- Angleton and Borghese establish Italian stay-behind units Oct. 1946- Luciano hosts Havana conference Sept. 1947- CIA is established Nov. 1947- Heroin comes to Harlem; PCI makes monumental election gains Jan. 1948- Vatican receives $ 65 million in "black funds" Jan. 1951- CIA develops drug trade with KMT Fall 1953- Operation Mockingbird Jan. 1955- Establishment of Catholic Gladio Fall 1956- Gelli serves as CIA's liaison to Italian military intelligence Oct. 1957- Hotel des Palmes gathering; Sindona becomes mob financier; Apalachin Conference Nov. 1957- Creation of Fasco AG with CIA funds Sept. 1958- Vito Genovese goes to jail Jan. 1959- P2 lodges pop up on NATO bases Feb. 1960- Gladio mounts first coup in Turkey Jan. 1962- Helliwell forms Castle Bank and Trust Oct. 1962-- Strategy of tension gets underway with the murder of Enrico Mattei May 1963- Vatican is bugged June 1963i Gelli knighted by Paul VI Fall 1963- Piano Solo Jan. 1964- Sindona joins P2 April 1968- Medellin Conference; Msgr. Paul Marcinkus becomes IOR secretary Spring 1968- Shackley meets Trafficante in Saigon Jan. 1969- Years of lead begin May 1969- Sindona anointed 'pope's banker' Fall 1969- Operation Condor Dec. 1969- Piazza Fontana bombing Jan. 1970- CIA establishes MIT in Turkey Dec. 1970- Golpe Borghese Jan. 1971- CIA funds Opus Dei; Vatican establishes first shell company May 1971- Peteano attack Fall 1972- BCCI set up in Karachi; Nixon approves Sicilian coup July 1973- David Rockefeller forms Trilateral Commission June 1974- Brescia bombing Aug. 1974- Attack on the Italicus; collapse of Franklin National Bank Sept. 1974- Collapse of BPF April 1975- Fall of SaigonMarch 1976- Dirty War begins in Argentina Sept. 1976- Henry Kissinger forms the Safari Club Oct. 1977- Conference at Hotel Vitosha Winter 1977- CIA funds Hekmatyar and other "holy warriors" to cultivate Afghan poppy fields Sept. 1978- Death of John Paul I March 1979- Assassination of Carmine Pecorelli July 1979- Assassinations of Giorgio Ambrosoli and Boris Giuliano Dec. 1979- Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Aug. 1980- Bologna bombing Sept. 1980- Coup in Turkey Fall 1980- Gelli and George H. W. Bush plan October Surprise; CIA forms partnership with Honduran drug lords March 1981- P2 exposed; Solidarity strike May 1981- Attempted assassination of John Paul II May 1981- Killing of Salvatore Inzerillo Sept. 1981- Vatican issues "letter of patronage" Fall 1981- Mena, Arkansas, becomes cocaine hub Dec. 1981- Martial law in Poland May 1982- General Alberto Dalla Chiesa is murdered June 1982- Collapse of Banco Ambrosiano; Calvi hangs from Blackfriars Bridge Nov. 1982- Raid on Stibam June 1983- Emanuela Orlandi kidnapping Nov. 1983- Henri Arsan dies in jail cell March 1986- Sindona is poisoned in prison Feb. 1987- Arrest warrant for Archbishop Marcinkus April 1989- Kerry Commission Nov. 1990- European Parliament condemns Gladio May 1996- William Colby's mysterious end Nov. 1996- Susurluk incident Sept. 1998- Glen comes to Pennsylvania Aug. 2001_ Creation of AKP in Turkey Oct. 2001_ US-led invasion of Afghanistan Nov. 2002- Andreotti receives guilty verdict April 2012- IOR fails transparency test March 2013- Bergoglio becomes Francis I April 2014- Canonization of John Paul II

Thanks to Williams, Paul L. (2015-02-03). Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, and The Mafia (Kindle Locations 140-155). Prometheus Books. Kindle Edition.

United States Empire? What is he talking about.

This next video, although an add to buy silver, fits right into this Gladio scenario of corruption. When are they calling America (the United States) an Empire.

China Will NOT Replace American Empire



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