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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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The Power of thoughts really influence our daily lives and Gregg Braden has plenty of examples how this is true. Our Minds are the most powerful forces in this universe, but when we connect it with our hearts, the power is beyond measure.

Truly Powerful Stuff - Mind Power Techniques Programming

Between 1993 and 2000, a series of groundbreaking experiments revealed dramatic evidence of a web of energy that connects everything in our lives and our world-the Divine Matrix. From the healing of our bodies, to the success of our careers, relationships, and the peace between nations, this new evidence demonstrates that we each hold the power to speak directly to the force that links all of creation. What would it mean to discover that the power to create joy, to heal suffering, and bring peace to nations lives inside of you? How differently would you live if you knew how to use this power each day of your life? Join Gregg Braden on this extraordinary journey bridging science, spirituality and miracles through the language of The Divine Matrix.

For over 22 years, Gregg Braden has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. Combining his discoveries with the best science of today, his original research crosses the traditional boundaries of science, history, and religion offering fresh insights into ancient mysteries. In doing so he has redefined our relationship to our inner and outer worlds, while sharing his life-affirming message of hope and possibility.Join Gregg through his highly acclaimed media specials, interviews, seminars, books and CD's as he describes why the greatest epoch of peace, cooperation, and healing is yet to come!

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Gregg Braden Ancient Knowledge To Zero Point

Defining Zero Point energies U. S. Patent 7,379,286 - Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction - Univ. of Colorado, Boulder.


Presented at the Annual Meeting for the Society for Scientific Exploration, June 10-12, 2010 Boulder, Colorado, USA.

We propose to indirectly tap a new source of energy, potentially greater than nuclear, well known in quantum physics but considered by physicists not to be useful since it cannot be directly accessed. Zero-point energy is a well established concept originally proposed by Planck and Einstein in 1913. Later it was shown to arise in quantum physics from the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It has a number of well-known effects. For example, zero-point energy prevents helium from solidifying under normal pressure even at absolute zero temperature. It can also be detected as quantum noise in circuits.

We investigate the feasibility of accessing this zero-point energy source indirectly by capturing electromagnetic energy emitted by transient changes in energy levels of electron orbitals, due to interactions of atoms (preferably monatomic noble gases) with the quantum vacuum field while cycling through Casimir cavities. We would induce shifts comparable in principle to, but larger than, the well-known Lamb shift, by suppressing quantum vacuum field modes within the Casimir cavities. The "Lamb shift," a well explored mainstay of quantum electrodynamics, consists of a shift in the energy levels of electron orbitals, resulting from an atom's interaction with quantum vacuum fluctuations. Recent experiments have shown that Lamb shifts can be controlled and enhanced. It is likely that electron orbital shifts analogous to (but not identical with) Lamb shifts can be induced by moving atoms under modest pressure through Casimir cavities, due to suppression of some wavelengths of quantum vacuum fluctuations in Casimir cavities. This orbital shift should produce emission of electromagnetic energy (photons) as the atoms enter the cavities. We refer to the shift so induced as the "Casimir-Lamb shift." As the moving gas atoms leave the Casimir cavity, the Casimir-Lamb shift would be reversed due to absorption of electromagnetic fluctuations from the ambient quantum vacuum field, without violating the second law of thermodynamics.

THE QUANTUM VACUUM: PATENT 7,379,286 - Part 1 & 2



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