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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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I personally do not like the opening comment about God and Good, but you be the judge.

knowledge equals control - energy sources covered up

illuminati trying for world domination, they are extremely smart.

World War II gave United States and economic lead war leads to great economies and leaps forward in technology

Neo-con think tank Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld; 9/11 is our new Pearl Harbor

The strongest weapon they have is making the people believe other people did it. Bin Laden did it.

Frequency weapons - extremely low frequencies ELF interfere with brain function. They experiment on the public. health effects from the ELFs

Echelon to control people - you have to know what they are thinking - patented mind control tools - HAAP NSA

Gwen GWEN ground wave emergency network this is a military network to be used in emergency in case normal communications fail

and more

Anunnaki: The Truth - parts 1 to 3

Links for more information: dont watch this film and Humans Are Free

These links document this video beyond your imagination. The Numbers in the video match the numbers in the first link.



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