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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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If you really think about it; the real Political SpectrumPolitical Spectrum is from 0% rule, Anarchy, to 100% rule, like that of a Dictatorship. So where is our government in this Political Spectrum? Per our constitution America is in the middle, but both of our two parties are to the left of that. THEY created a tale of Rightversus Left (i.e. Fascism versus Communism ) which has Duped us. There is no practicaldifference between Dems and GOP, both are for big government. Comparing Big government Fascism to Big government Communism; well in one case the government persuades the company to toe their line, while in the other case government uses force. Either way it is big government CONTROL. Thus anyone caught comparing Dems/GOP as left or right is part of the problem.

Note: big government is not a free enterprise system. And THEY tell us this is all failed Capitalism, distorting even another word. Fact is We have not seen free enterprise in America; It has been Big Government for the last 70 years or so.

The video is "Is capitalism moral". Walter Williams, a renowned economist at George Mason University, narrates it.

The problem that plagues America (left biased government and media) will not be solved by one election cycle. But it can be solved by moving to the center; back to our U.S. Constitution. It will take decades for Americans to see where we are now and then to educate others with a new norm that becomes innate in all.

That's right! We need a total re-indoctrination that does not include taking over the world and Socialism/Communism. It will take decades, but We can do it!!

The Irony of it all - the 10th Amendment - #Obama has it all backwards

Which Laws are Unconstitutional?

It maybe easier to explain what is followed, as only 5% of today's Laws (Rules and Regulations) are Constitutional. This is per the Collaborators in the Right Column.

And for those of you that are saying the Constitution is outdated; please, what part is? I can tell you; some of it is still intact. The Constitution is Not Outdated; and you love it.

Here is the Big Picture; had all of the Constitution been upheld we would not be in this financial/culture crisis now. That is a very short explanation of our demise. This website points out many details of this Big Picture.

Getting back to the Constitution is the way out, although, it will take generations.

The Myth

The American Dream is for a land where people are free from the interference of government. The dream is one of freedom to pursue joy and happiness.

But, the American Dream was used to Dupe us! Read more about the American Myths.

What Can We Do?

Organize and figure out how to live without THEM. Remember, We out number THEM by at least a million to one!

Make yourself heard. Talk about Politics, Science and Religion. How else are others going to know. Be vocal, but not rude. No violence is necessary! More on how to Share Difficult Information with Friends Without Losing Friendships.

So, We were Duped. Oh, well. Now let's move on without THEM.

What Can We Do?

It has crossed my mind that this may be radical; or is it?

And why not this Empty Chair Enthusiasm everyday. This is the kind of spirit we need all the time.

Ultimately the Constitution is the Answer



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