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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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Myth 0; the terrorismis because they don't like our lifestyle.

That's ridiculous. They don't like the fact that we are invading and occupying their country's what more can I say.

British colonialism happen throughout the world in previous generations. We actually were taught that in high school history classes. When did it stop? Well answering that question, it hasn't. The United States under the direction of the Queen and the Vatican has taken over In the name of myth number two.

And the Muslim people that follow the Islamic theocracy hate the West because that is what they have been taught. And they are too embarrassed to admit it and/or they can't figure it out. Read more here - Islamic Fundamentals.

Myth 1; The American Dream

The American Dream is for a land where people are free from the interference of government. The dream is one of freedom to pursue joy and happiness.

Freedom is what made the USA great.

Today, culture teaches that the American Dream is a specific and tightly defined perspective on the perfect life, and that the reason the United States of America is great is because it has the ability to create that life for you. That is not the real American dream. Culture perverts everything good.

The Great American Experiment brought massive liberty to the people of America; more than had been seen at any other time or place on earth.

Myth 2; the United States is somehow morally superior

Or put another way; that the United States is somehow special and should be taking care of the world. After watching this, I have to conclude this Myth is not true.

As you watch this; Keep track of how this "Myth" grows over time (centuries).Today, I think it is just a big lie to bind the ignorant acquiescent population. I would imagine most folks are not aware of this manipulation. But you decide!

And then there is Operation Gladio. It is a Rogue group of elite people, set on controlling the world, organized and executed False Flags which has shaped the world. They financed the operations by running drugs worldwide. All in your Name!

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

If this gets too savage to watch, skip to the upbeat part of Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine.

What Myth 2 has done!

Playlist -> Schooling the World

And watch this David Icke video about Syria; The David Icke Video-cast: What Is Really Going On In Syria? .

Myth 3; That we are the most knowledgeable beings ever on earth.

That is just a joke as you will find out while you are exploring other parts of this website.

Myth 4; That Wars are fought for our Freedom

If you have read the Banking portions of this website, you understand that all wars are about money, control or energy. And that the following video has merit.

Yes, We should honor the soldiers(they are young people)! and then be ashamed of ourselves for not confronting what is going on in the world.

How "Supporting Our Troops" is Killing Veterans
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