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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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How They Did It - Dumbed Down

The War on Drugs;

Ya Right! I don't believe that malarkey for a second. Drugs have never been so available in the US as they are today. The USA gives food to the Afghanistan people to kill their farming industry so they have to grow the drugs to survive economically. And our soldiers have been guarding the poppy fields.

And here in the US, what "They" are really doing is training a civilian law enforcement unit as strong as the military. Sound familiar? Those are Obama's words. Well he said "We need a civilian force as strong as the military". CAN YOU IMAGINE FOR WHAT?!

But we have our drugs, so why should we care? And why are we in a war in Afghanistan? Could it be to keep drugs flowing?

And now with the POT being legalized, the Federal Government is fighting the States at every turn, because it is hurting the cash flow of Gladio.


Chemtrails are the contrails behind jets that you see, except they do not dissipate like a contrail does. They slowly, hours, turn into long clouds. Our governments (this is happening world wide) are doing climate control and drugging us. Many of the little chronic illnesses you have are because of the chemtrails. Breathing Aluminum Oxide is not good for you!

Aerosol Attack

An alternate view is the Chemtrails are to shield us from the radiation of a binary sun that is about to pass through our solar system. It is a brown dwarf star. It goes by once every 3600 years.

Electromagnetic Interference

Cell phones, appliances, Radios, and TVs are not good for us either. They interfere with our thought circuits. Our bodies operate via electromagnetic circuits and chemistry, so any electromagnetic radiation is not helpful. Although, our bodies operate electromagnetically at 6 to 30Hz, electromagnetic radiation can still make a difference in our nervous system. So electromagnetic radiation is instilling some confusion in all of us.



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