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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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How They Did It

Did what you ask? Answer; Take the United States of American down. We the People are hanging on by a thread. Most are clueless

"THEIR" Socialist policies are promoted by big business, international finance, many politicians and socialists who have infiltrated our political process. They all want the same result: a world "They" control. Their world is one in which each of us is expected, not only to conform, but to underwrite and support "Their" agenda, with our labor and our wealth.

Let us consider any of the massive problems we face today - whether it's crime, drugs, abortion, welfare, corruption, budget deficits, our declining standard of living or loss of jobs. Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals are all equally responsible. Their rhetoric may change with administrations, but not their policies. Almost all of the candidates who run for office are predetermined by those forces who own and control the news media. Therefore, they cannot lose- no matter who wins!

"They" are controlling our demise by rewriting history, changing our languages, declaring Moral Equivalences, encouraging us to be moral degenerates, instilling fear in us with False Flags, disrupting our communications, dumbing us down by drugging us, our childhoods are lost, by programming us with a Politically Correct education, Common Core Education, bombarding us daily with news which is nothing more than the big government propaganda, and using Fear and "Their" Religion! In Fact, Not Talking About Politics, Science and Religion, only Indicates that "They" Have Sufficiently Programmed You. (But, don't be rude!)

And, we are vulnerable because we are at a low point in our cycle of cognition (Ages). (Luckily, we are moving to a new age; we will see paradigm shifts.) And evolution is a lie. So who are we? Maybe, a species with amnesia? "They" tell us we are the most advanced species ever, but we demonstrate very little understanding or respect for our bodies or the world we inhabit.

With the knowledge triumphed by this website; we can reprogram ourselves (We can Choose Love) and avoid being subjects. Our so called civilization is nothing more than the same old economic cycles taken to another level of deception and fascism. We can change things by Choosing Love.

And THEY brought about the change in our culture very Slowly

Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian World War II survivor, gives her account of Hitler's takeover of Austria. The similarities to today's left and their "progressive agenda", are staggering!


How the New World Order Operations are being implemented.

Education has been built to serve a society of associations: corporations, institutions, and agencies. Kids know this instinctively. How should they feel about it? How should we?"

Public School: A Conspiracy Against Ourselves


1. To develop the innate capacities of, especially by schooling or instruction. .
2. To provide with knowledge or training in a particular area or for a particular purpose:

That means you have been purposely programmed to be ignorant/small minded. You don't believe it! Think about it for a second; How can it not be so! All you life experiences have brought you here. Today. Now! Purposely. By whom? Why? And They are obviously running things without your input!!!

This is now being done with Common Core.

  • And then Generally "They" use - Problem - Reaction - Solution

"They" create a Problem and wait for the Public to be Outraged, then and only then is a Solution proposed and implemented. But, of course, there was NO Problem to begin with and the Solution makes the perceived Problem worse. All leading to more and more CONTROL. We're left holding the bag.

Can the government ever be too big? How much spending is enough spending? And if there can be too much spending, where is that point? William Voegeli, Senior Editor of the Claremont Review of Books, explores these complex questions and offers some clear answers.

This video does not specifically outline "Problem - Reaction - Solution", but it is what he describing.

The Truth about Big Government

  • First, Agenda 21 (has been rebranded to "Future Earth") at the community level.

Sustainable Development, the claim of Agenda 21, is a plan to restructure life as we know it. It is supported by big government politicians.

ROSA KOIRE: Author and Activist, "Behind the Green Mask"

  • And second, the Military Industrial Complex to enforce and macro control all.

NWO Operations via the Military Industrial Complex

  • And Third, a debt banking system which is run by the Federal Reserve.

Depression and inflation are a product of The Federal Reserve. In an honest economic system, depression and inflation does not happen at the whim of the banking system. Our banking system lends money to You, that does not exist AND charges You amortized interest. Some would call this Economic Enslavement; i.e. "keeping us in debt!"

Fractional Banking and the Federal Reserve System Explained!

Read about Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the Shadow Government and National Security Act of 1947. And read a long explanation of the Federal Reserve Interest Rates at federalreserve.gov or watch Wall Street; Money never Sleeps, Greed is Good Speech.

How are these economic controls manifesting themselves today?

"They" are playing "Their" Consensus Reality movie, and most are believing and watching. The movie is very long, thousands of years. It has been entangled into our lives, whether we want to watch it or not. The main stream media plays the movie continuously.

Consensus Reality does not compute; has factual problems on it's self. That is because it was impossible to get us all programmed exactly the same. And "Consensus Reality" does not pass common sense tests. Was that policy OK under the last administration, but not this one? Example one, The Patriot Act. Example two, Transparency. Example three, Did the new administration repeal this policy? NO! And did the new administration repeal ANY Laws or Policies? NO! What Policies changed direction? NONE! What changed? NOTHING! The same old grandiose economic controls are still in place.

Further, not only did the 1994 GOP-controlled Congress (Newt) not eliminate a single federal department or agency; or even shrink the size of the federal government at all. It expanded the size and scope of the federal government at every level.

What Changed? NOTHING!

That is our problem! Nothing has ever changed or been undone because of a new President or Congress. Laws foster corruption. Government has been getting bigger and bigger my entire life, born 1949, and years before that; thus our government has been getting more corrupt with time.

How do "They" do it? i.e. program us all.

"They" have us PROGRAMMED! The fact that this man thinks the elites are reptilians is not the point. The point is, however, "They" have us locked into our little five sense world, and most people are clueless about it.

The Programmed Population

Who are the Players?

The players in this conspiracy are 99.999 percent of the people. But 87 percent of the people don't even no there is an conspiracy and don't want to hear about it, while 0.00001 percent are using us to further "Their" agenda. So you ask, how am I involved? Do you have a 401K? Are you a member of a political party? Were you ever in favor of a tax on the people? Have you ever played a sport? Basically your day to day activity is furthering "Their" agenda.

In the picture you see that We are in fact, the folks, that support this entire system of corruption. If We'd quit co-operating (boycott); it'd all come apart. We don't have to play!

  • Pretty Kool Scheme, Rape the People Without Them Knowing IT!

In fact, this is mutual. We are using "Them" to further our personal agendas, while "They" are using us to perpetuate the New World Order. One problem with this; We're left with the short end of the straw!

Where are We Going?

Is the movie "Logan's Run" a forecast of what more Government will do? In the movie "They" let you live to be only 30 years old. Then, "They" execute you in a public ceremony on your 30th birthday. Except, "They" don't call it an execution. "They" call it a renewal? No, it is Sustainable Development!!

At present, there is no happy medium. Either, the Enslaving Economic System we are in, or a Sustainable Development community. NO, NO, NO. We can find something better than those alternatives. Even, Native Americans had it better, the Indians did not use money.

Do Not say THEY. THEY is YOU. Educate THEM.



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