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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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How They Did It - Redefined Words

These are the so called code words.

Treason comes to mind. Nobody has committed treason in the last 20 years? Ya, Right! No one was treasonous.

Extremist and Racist

Community Organizer - The media in our country use many euphemisms or nicer sounding terms, which can be very misleading for those in outside circles. A community organizer is euphemism for a radical activist. I also came across another term when researching the video I did on Obama's mother being a Marxist. I could never find any detailed info on this, but his mother's close friends referred to her as a "fellow traveler". A "fellow traveler" is a euphemism for a "communist sympathizer". Knowing these two little things, gives you an entirely new understanding of the Chosen One.

All of the games that the Obamabots play-personal attacks, playing the race card, calling people stupid, all these things come right out of Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals". Saul Alinsky was the man that founded many of the organizations which Obama used to work for. Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer-the first radical. At the Industrial Areas Foundation,a training school for radical organizers, Obama spent years teaching workshops on the Alinsky method. In 1985 he began a four-year term as a community organizer in Chicago, working for an Alinsky group called the Developing Communities Project. Later, he worked with ACORN and its offshoot Project Vote, both creations of the Alinsky network

Rights - What is a right? It's amazing that more people from the far left are loosely defining objects as rights. Recall Congressman Jessie Jackson, Jr. (D) a few months back claiming that iPods and laptops are rights. Excuse me? Sorry, they're not. Several on the left are also stating that health care is a right. It sounds mean and awful to say this, but health care is also not a right. Granted, we as a community (on a local level) have an moral obligation to help our fellow man out; however, this moral obligation does not extend to the federal government.

Extremist - now means anyone that does not agree with a person with a communist view.

Racist - now means anyone that does not agree with a person with a communist view. Why do I use the word communist? Because You are who you lie with! Let me explain. China Dictator gets grand party while the Israeli Leader wasn't even welcome at the White House. That makes Obama a communist. And if you oppose Obama you are definitely brand racist. Do I need to say more. It is like clock work. Happens every time!

Plan - a code word for Communist Plan.

More Words thanks to the Paul Revere Press.

ACTIVISTA person who is only active in destroying America's value system and mores. Usually not active in anything gainful to society.

APOLOGISTOne well versed in regurgitating talking points on cue in a nearly Pavlovian nature.

BLAMING THE VICTIMDaring to suggest that conflicts between humans are often complicated and that it's therefore childishly naeve to believe that one person is always entirely guilty and the other is always entirely innocent.

BULLIESThose who will not be silenced and fight back with the same Alinsky tactics used upon them.

CHOICEEmpowering killing of the unborn. Does not pertain other life decisions such as choice in food, arming oneself, etc.

CHRISTIANA misguided person who believes that God spoke a word and everything came into being because every liberal knows that an infinitessimally small and dense point, for no reason, suddenly, all at once, exploded, and everything in the entire universe suddenly popped out of it.

CLIMATE CHANGECatch all excuse to impoverish the U.S. and redistribute its wealth worldwide once global cooling and global warming were debunked by anyone owning a thermometer. Also known as "weather."

CORPORATIONSBusiness entities which must be taxed in the U.S. at the highest rate in the industrialized world, but must have absolutely no say in any political matters whatsoever.

CORPSE-MANField medical person of the U.S. Navy. Renaming required to maintain Obama's status as the smartest president ever.

CRITICAL THINKINGThe act of swallowing the laughably implausible tenets of blank-slate equality without asking a single question.

CULTURAL IMPERIALISMAn antiquated system that must be destroyed in order to pave the way for the newer, more global form of cultural imperialism.

DEBUNKED/DISCREDITEDAnything the left does not want to discuss, especially if they do not like the source of the data.

DISADVANTAGEDThe product of a liberal, Common Core education, incapable of productive service to society.

DISENFRANCHISEDPeople who may be required to prove their legal identity to vote or who have only been allowed to vote once

DIVERSITYThe magical idea that, the more focused we are on our differences, the more we can pull together as a people.

ELITESWealthy people on the right who give more to charity than the elites on the left, but they are more evil because they give to causes which the left does not control.

EMPOWEREDMagically strengthened by reducing the liberty of others.

EQUALITYA requirement that everyone achieve the same outcome, instead of having the same opportunity and bearing responsibility for the result.

EXTREMISTAnyone who will not accept the idea that the state should be the arbiter of all life decisions and privileges.

FAIR SHAREThe amount of taxes someone else should be paying.

FAIRNESSA political strategy requiring that winners be treated unfairly.

FALSE EQUIVALENCYA real equivalency that suggests our beliefs are false.

FAUX NEWSA moderately biased news channel which upsets the left because it does not match up with their preferred bias on all the other channels.

FIGHTING THE POWERWorking for the global elites while telling everyone else they are serving the greedy corporations.

FORWARDThe same direction Hitler and Stalin took their nations.

FLYOVER STATESWhere people should be ignored, but what is also being ignored is: This is where the food grows.

FREE SPEECHThe right to say anything about anyone on the right, no matter how false, defamatory or libelous. The right of free speech, however, can be limited for those on the right if it in any way is offensive to those on the left, especially in areas of faith, personal responsibility, and social mores.

GLOBAL VILLAGEA concentration camp from which there is no escape.

GLOBAL WARMINGA fashion trend that replaced the global-cooling fashion trend of the 1970s.

GOVERNMENT AIDMoney the government takes from taxpayers and then partially redistributes to non-taxpayers after taking a cut for itself.

GRASS-ROOTSElite-orchestrated protests that occur in places where there is usually no grass and plenty of cement.

GREENA desire to return to caves. Usually espoused by protesters against oil who drove blue-smoking hoopdies to the protest.

GREEDYWanting to keep the fruits of one's labors.

GUN NUTAny person who owns a gun or supports gun ownership. The fact that members of this group are rarely tied to a majority of the murders in the U.S. is immaterial.

HATE SPEECHAnything liberals hate to hear, syn. truth.

HATEROne who speaks any words which makes liberals uncomfortable.

HATREDAny idea which opposes liberals.

HOMELESSA class of people who only are noticed and dominate the news when a Republican is in the White House.

HOMOPHOBESomeone who recognizes the natural or God-given design of sexual reproduction.

HONEST CONVERSATION ABOUT RACEA conversation with little or no honesty, more in terms of sensitivity training or a national haranguing.

IMMIGRANTTerm now applied to those who committed criminal acts to enter the United States, despite the overwhelming evidence that those who begin their sojourn here in this manner often continue their criminal conduct in many other ways. Not to be confused with legal immigrants who continue to be welcome.

ISLAMOPHOBEAnyone who points out that the Koran instructs its believers to kill anyone who will not convert to Islam or become lifetime slaves under it.

LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELDMaking it nearly impossible for those who have succeeded to continue to succeed while giving an advantage to those who have not yet figured it out even after 50 years of extra advantages already.

LIBERTY has been redefined as Freedom. It used to have an element of righteousness in it's meaning. Liberty is to Liberate/Free one thing from another ie; people from outside control/tyranny/oppression/occupation, more importantly to free minds from false knowledge, thoughts control/tyranny/oppression/occupation. 

KrisAnne Hall - Freedom vs Liberty

MARRIAGE EQUALITYThe idea that two people who cannot have babies are the same as a couple who can.

MISOGYNISTOne who disagrees with a liberal woman.

NEANDERTHALA person of European ancestry who does not conform to "enlightened" ideals. Supposedly backward, unable to survive. Flies in the face of the fact that, according to liberal version of world history, this species lasted longer than our own homo sapiens species has thus far.

OCCUPIERSomeone who eagerly gathers in a sponsored group, posts pictures on iPhones of the evils of corporate America, and will defecate on police vehicles to prove their point.

OFFENSIVEAnything which goes against the left's ideals, and is therefore causus belli for boycotts, litigation, legislation, and curtailment of any right of speech or economic activity.

ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORYSomeone who actually understands history and thus can see where all this is going.

OPEN-MINDEDOnly those who blindly swallow the ideals of Marx and Engels, despite overwhelming empirical evidence of failure over 150 years are allowed to consider themselves open-minded.

OUT OF TOUCHDid not read the latest drivel from the Huffington Post or ThinkProgress today.

PARANOIDThose who have studied history and can see the parallels to past events and can see reasonable similarities to today's path for America.

PSEUDOSCIENCEAny actual, peer-reviewed science which does not conform to the current socialist view of the government and its enablers.

PROGRESSIVEA Marxist. It does not matter what brand of Marxism it is, they worship the state. By replacing God as the grantor of rights with the state, the state can then nullify or modify them.

PROGRESSIVE POLITICSPolitics which favors a government which grows increasingly and progressively intrusive into every aspect of life.

PROGRESSIVISMThe current word for Marxism. Progress will be achieved when the First World sinks to the level of the Third World.

RACISTAnyone who disagrees on principle with a liberal person of color. Also a catch-all for any dissenter against the state.

RACISMA scare word which has lost almost no meaning now that everything is blamed on it, including improper orders at the drive-thru at McDonalds.

RAPE CULTUREhe idea that all heterosexual activity is rape. Created primarily by women who do not have sex with men anyway.

REDNECKA racial slur against people who disagree with the left, despite the term's origin being the red bandana worn by unionizing miners fighting for their rights in West Virginia or one who works hard for a living in the fields.

REFUGEEBorder jumping illegal alien invader, often a member of a Central American gang or terrorist group, pretending to be an "innocent child."

RICHThose who have more than is necessary to live in their mother's basement, but only if they do not believe the state is the end-all, be-all of existence. In that case, being rich is okay. All others obtained their money by taking advantage of someone else and causing them to become disadvantaged and disenfranchised.

RIGHTSAll of life's needs, wants and desires, but only for those on the left. Those providing by paying taxes have no rights, not even those set forth in the outdated and now useless Bill of Rights.

SENSITIVITY TRAININGThe punishment for speaking honestly on a subject, usually a monitored form of attempted brainwashing. Useless on those with true core values.

SOCIAL CONTRACTAn invisible document attempting to replace the Constitution which invents a panoply of rights for the "downtrodden" and additional responsibilities for those who "have too much."

SOCIAL JUSTICEA belief system that winners in life somehow cheated and must share their gains with those who did not try.

SOCIOPATHAny unrepentant non-socialist who refuses to become enlightened to the benefits of a lifetime of servitude to the state.

SUSTAINABILITYThe excuse to enact Agenda 21 (has been rebranded to "Future Earth") for the benefit of the planet while reducing world's population down below 1 billion human beings.

TOLERANCEThe requirement that those on the right simply put aside all of their beliefs and accept anything from the left, no matter how insane it might be. No other views will be accepted.

TRUTH TO POWERThe abandoned ideal of the 1960's hippies who now worship intrusive government power and attack all who stand against it.

UPRISINGA riot characterized by looting, arson, rape, murder, and random acts of defecation. Often used as an excuse to get new electronics and shoes.

URBANBlack, underclass. The type of neighborhood where 90 percent of Planned Parenthood clinics are located.

WHITEThe color and source of all evils on the planet. The only race on the planet not entitled to any protections.

WHITE PRIVILEGEThe honor of being blamed for everything that did not go well on earth, including that wrong color bicycle someone got for their eighth birthday.

WHITE SUPREMACISTAny white person who is not ashamed of being white and does not apologize for it, daily on their knees and with their wallets.

WORKING CLASSA rapidly diminishing people trying valiantly to pull the wagon of society while the takers pile on in greater numbers.

XENOPHOBEOne who insists that those who enter the United States do so legally by obtaining permission before crossing the border.

Grass Roots is now astro-turf. This is how "They" slam the Tea Party movement.

Intaxication :-) The euphoria of getting a tax refund, which lasts only until you realize it was your money to begin with.

No; I think when you use these words you are in fact defending the Enslavers against your own kind.

  • In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.

  • How come a progressive person can never see that their law has failed? It does not matter how bad it makes the economy because of it. I have no words to describe this, I am just in aw!

Bi-Partisan - Working together with the other Party - No, The Big Government Politicians who call themselves Dems are going to conspire with the Big Government Politicians who call themselves GOP?

Is - President Clinton made this famous while he was perverting a generation of young women.

Conservative is Right, small government.

Broke is only temporary, Poor is a state of mind.

Neo - means recent or new; i.e. neocolonialism, neocon.

Social Darwinism - Herbert Spencer, a 19th century philosopher, promoted the idea of Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is an application of the theory of natural selection to social, political, and economic issues. In its simplest form, Social Darwinism follows the mantra of "the strong survive," including human issues.

Communism is big government while capitalism is government free. Maybe some day we will find the happy middle that works and all see that it works.

Propaganda and the Carnage to Come

When describing life in Communist countries, western propaganda sought to depict an image of a citizenry held captive by governments that brainwash them. The West also created a fear of the East, by depicting an aggressive Soviet Union. In the Americas, Cuba served as a major source and a target of propaganda from both black and white stations operated by the CIA and Cuban exile groups. Radio Habana Cuba, in turn, broadcast original programming, relayed Radio Moscow, and broadcast The Voice of Vietnam as well as alleged confessions from the crew of the USS Pueblo.

George Orwell's novels Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four are virtual textbooks on the use of propaganda. Though not set in the Soviet Union, these books are about totalitarian regimes that constantly corrupt language for political purposes. These novels were, ironically, used for explicit propaganda. The CIA, for example, secretly commissioned an animated film adaptation of Animal Farm in the 1950s with small changes to the original story to suit its own needs.

Propaganda Terms in the Media and What They Mean - Noam Chomsky

Black people have got to understand that when one black person commits a crime, that act is projected onto the entire race to justify further mistreatment and eventually the extermination of all black people world wide!

Dr. Umar Johnson - Propaganda and the Carnage to Come!

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