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The Law is whatever "They" want it to be at any particular time.

Legalese Definitions

  • The specialized vocabulary of the legal profession, especially when considered to be complex or abstruse.

  • (Law) the conventional language in which legal documents, etc., are written.

  • language typical of lawyers, laws, legal forms, etc., characterized by archaic usage, prolixity, and extreme thoroughness.

Examples of Legalese

1. In court when you are asked "Do you understand??"; say NO I do not stand under!

2. Example 2 source. You can see how the writer of this makes it unreadable just with extra words.

The original version From Thobelani Community Property Association constitution

In the original constitution the sources of information on membership are scattered. Clues to the meaning are shown in bold.

Clause 3.1.7 "Membership register" shall mean the register to be established and maintained by the Management Committee, of participating members who shall be the persons eligible to vote at the General Meeting of Members of the Association.

Clause 3.1.8 "participating members" shall mean the rightful participants in the land acquisition project designated as such in terms of Clause 10.1 and whose names will be reflected in the Membership Register.

Clause 9.1 Households eligible to apply for benefit from the assets, resources and projects of the Association shall comprise of the families whose applications for a settlement grant has been approved by the Department of Land Affairs. The said participating members shall be registered in a membership register as such.

Clause 10.4 The head of each household, registered in the Membership Register, has voting rights and therefore is the participating member.

Simplification involved finding the clues and drawing them together, before writing them in plain language. Note that as there is no other sort of member, there is no point in calling a member a "participating member".

The simplified version

4. Membership of the Association

4.1 The heads of households whose applications for a settlement grant were approved by the Department of Land Affairs are members of the Association.

4.2 The names of members shall be listed on a membership register to be kept up-to-date by the committee.

The Magnificent Deception

Picking up where I left off one must understand that “ignorance” is an established means of control and keeping everyone in the dark is the best way for so called “experts” to maintain authority over us. (Remember in law “silence is considered the same as consent.”)

When examining legislative and legal documentation, as I have already pointed out, we find these words specifically detailed and enclosed in quotation marks, which is intended to draw direct attention to “this word” and everything contained with those quotation marks. From a personal standpoint one would think everyone would know and understand what a “human being,” “parent,” “child,” or “person” are, so why go to all the trouble of drawing our attention to them or including a definition? Well that’s because the don’t mean what we think they are. For instance in Blacks law dictionary, a “human being” is defined as “a monster,” and not as “any individual of the genus Homo,” which is the version found in most available generalized versions.

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Black's Law Dictionary

Black's Law Dictionary is the most widely used law dictionary in the United States. It was founded by Henry Campbell Black (1860–1927). It is the reference of choice for definitions in legal briefs and court opinions and has been cited as a secondary legal authority in many U.S. Supreme Court cases.

An online Black Dictinary, Search Legal Terms and Definitions,



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