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Ormus Elixir

THEY will hate me for this page. It could be a life changer for you. WARNING Read and Understand all before digesting anything! Also, make sure you buy a quality product. Your system is not used to this substance. Your body needs this substance but it hasn't had it this pure in centuries. It will be a shock to your body! Keep in mind that more is not better after you body adapts. In fact you may need to back off once your body becomes accustomed.

Turns out the white powder is a part of our nutrition. It occurs in many Natural Ormus Sources and more Natural Ormus Sources. We're cooking it out of everything that we cook. It was in our soils. Thus it should be in everything we eat. I think this is something THEY really wanted to hide from us. That is why they covered it up by trying to make it seem like some kind of super elixir.

And a lot of people are making their own manna. Alchemy is the word for that. And manna is even another word for Ormus or white gold. Yes, as in from the bible stories.

Find the top of ORMUS Articles by Barry Carter here. Read as much as you want. It is new science, but He can repeat his and other people's work. What they have found does not fit into old science's periodic charts. Very interesting stuff.

Another good page is Monoatomic Gold: Is It a Danger to Your Health?

ORMUS - What is it? An overview by Barry Carter

There are many mysterious and magical things that have been recorded in history. The Biblical manna, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Fountain of Youth, Orgone energy, prana, chi, the Holy Grail, the Great Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant are a few of these things. It looks like these things and more might be related to a new class of materials that have been identified and described in the last few decades.

In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials as he was doing some gold mining on his land. Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with these strange materials. In 1989 David Hudson was granted patents on these materials and methods for obtaining them.

Other researchers were also making similar discoveries around this same time but Hudson was the first to get information out to the public about his discoveries. During the early 1990s Hudson toured the United States giving lectures and workshops about what he had found. Transcripts of portions of three of David Hudson's lectures are available on the Web. The most complete of these transcripts is the transcript of his Dallas lecture and workshop.

The materials that David Hudson discovered appear to be related to the things I listed in the first paragraph of this article and to concepts of modern physics like superconductivity, quantum coherence and Bose-Einstein condensates.

These materials have been called ORMEs, monatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna. David Hudson calls the materials he found Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs. He also refers to them as monoatomic elements in a high-spin state.

Since Hudson has patented his process for obtaining and identifying these elements, and since it has not been conclusively established whether these materials are monatomic or diatomic, it is recommended that the terms ORMUS and m-state be used when referring to these materials.

The ORMUS or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. The following elements have been identified in this different state of matter (these elements, with the exception of mercury, are listed in Hudson's patents):


Element Atomic Number
Cobalt 27
Nickel 28
Copper 29
Ruthenium 44
Rhodium 45
Palladium 46
Silver 47
Osmium 76
Iridium 77
Platinum 78
Gold 79
Mercury 80

David Hudson talks about his discoveries on newly patented material called ORBITALLY REARRANGED MONO-ATOMIC ELEMENTS (ORME). This is his first public statement in 12 years. It covers how his patent came about, the science behind it, and where it is headed. At one point in his experiments the substance chances to a different dimension. Also, gravity may be explained. This is a very interesting video.

David Hudson | ORMUS Conference Enota 2011 [FULL VIDEO]

This link is David Hudson's website.

Ken talks about scalar waves, monoatomic elements and how to use the properties of quartz and other crystals for healing purposes.

Red Ice Radio - Ken Rohla - Natural Health, Free Energy, MLK Assassination

Instructions that come with some of the products


BASIC NATURE: Ormus/Manna is light sensitive. It "escapes" in sunlight. So store away from strong light.Manna is basically female in nature, and, being mag­netic it will pick up the frequency of EMF from TV's, microwave, computers etc. So store your bottles in an EMF free area. Ormus will escape from rotating magnetic fields as one magnet repels another. So keep it away from motors, blenders, strong magnets and electric stoves. Ormus likes crystals, water and oil. It clings to salt in the ocean. We ship our Ormus with a little salt in it to make sure it sur­vives the EMF's on it's trip. We ship in either tin foil or a 5 layer protective ziplock bag. These protect your product from any fields or light. Do not store your ormus in it's shipping container unless you do not have a good place for storage.

DOSAGE: With liquid versions, most take their Ormus with tea or coffee in the morning and sometimes repeat their dose at noon. Most determine how much is needed for themselves instead of any recommended amount. Some people take massive amounts while others take a few drops. How much is right must be deter­mined by you. Beginners often take an eye dropper and fill it (meaning a couple dozen drops) as their starting dose. Others take a table spoon per day. If you don't feel anything, take more. If it's making you feel too odd or crazy, take less. Powder dosage: again, there is no set dose because it varies so greatly from one person to the next. Most folks start with l/8tsp (about l/2gm) and ramp up from there. But true aetheric will not dissolve in water, so take powder on an empty stomach. ._. Nutrition: often Ormus kicks your body into overdrive in making and repairing cells. So you may want to add supplements to help your body repair.

CHARGING: Some people "charge" their Ormus by placing it near crystals or on some area they deem important (like an altar or shrine) or place it in a pyramid or "orgone" energy collector. This isn't necessary to have a great effect, but it's fun to play with & entirely up to you. This "programs" your Ormus. It will keep that "vibe" unless it picks up a vibe from somewhere else. Remember, the nature of Ormus is female & that means it receives light & responds.

IMPREINTTNTG: Ormus seems to hold impressions of sound. So it can be "cleaned" of EMF by exposure to nice sounds. One way to program your Ormus is to expose it to very low light (moonlight is perfect) with interesting music. The sol­feggio frequencies found in the ancient Gregorian or shamanic chants seem to have a very interesting & astoundingly positive effect. More so in the liquid forms than in dry powder.

The "Golden Dragon" formula must be refrigerated. All other forms just need a dark quiet place. Shake liquid forms well before using, call Wehoo, our Master alchemist at 575-613-4104

WARNING: You may not want to take this product if you are on prescription mood altering drugs. Consult your health professional.


DIRECTIONS: Take this product in the morning to start as it may make you feel too perky to sleep. Be sure to nurture you body with extra vitamins, as manna will begin to help your body build and repair very intensively on a cellar level. You may notice a very strong effect at first and it may seem that your ormus "loses potency," but that is not the case. It's normal to only notice the change in your body, so after a noticeable and sensational effect, the sensation of change will feel "flat." So stick with your dose and after few weeks of consumption of one type of manna, you will need to slowly up your dose to notice an effect. This can be done by gently increasing your dose, adding another dose later in the day or by consuming a different form of ormus later.

DOSAGE: Start with a conservative amount, like 6 to 20 drops and slowly increase the amount you take until you notice the effect. You can take your dose in an acid drink, like citrus juice, coffee or "emergen-C" to release the m-state by breaking the magnesium it is contained in or put it in a bottle of water and "sucuss" it by hitting it against your hand 50 to 100 times to increase the homeopathic effect of your dose. If you find yourself being very grumpy (perhaps what the ancients called "hermetic!") back off your dose or stop taking it for a while until you feel normal again. Some of the signs of taking too much are grumpiness, ringing in the ears or distortion, vis­ual distortions or intense and obsessive thinking.

WARNING: You should not take this product if you are on prescription mood altering drugs. It can release all the body chemistry the drugs inhibit.


DIRECTIONS: Place this powder under your tongue and allow it to dissolve. The very bitter taste is the minerals salts, the sweet aftertaste is the taste of the m-states. Start with once a day and when you feel you need an increase, add another similar amount later in the day. Most alchemists take the liquid form of gold powder processes as this form still carries the homeopathic qualities which are very powerful.

DOSAGE: Most people start with 1/8 tsp (.5gm) and change their consumption amount from there. You must determine your own consumption of this product. This is because we each are so different in our constitutions and as a result are effected in totally different ways. Some people will feel very effected by the 1/8 tsp starting dose, while some others will find themselves responding to much more or less. If you find yourself being very grumpy (perhaps what the ancients called "hermetic!" ) back off or stop taking this product.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: ANNEALING: You do not need to do this if you are already getting your total boost from your WPG: To get an extra boost and fully release the m-state, it can be an­nealed. Annealing is a fire process and is done over any type of gas flame, your stove, a Bunsen burner, or a grill flame. Take your dose and put it in a stainless steel spoon and heat it until it's over 500 degrees (m-state gold is so aetheric that it becomes a gas at 450 deg F). Allow it to cool fully before consuming. This unhinges the m-state from it's salt and makes it unstable, therefore more available for the body. It must be consumed within 24 hours or the m-state will escape into the air. If you already feel the effects of the WPG, this process is not recommended as it may release too much m-state. So use caution. The alternative to annealing is the use of an acid wash. To do this: simply mix your WPG with an equal amount of lemon juice or vinegar.

Regal Gold Purple Ormus Monatomic Formula Liquid

This is what I use. Good stuff!



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