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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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This message is for those who may be feeling upset, angry, or otherwise overwhelmed by all the craziness in our world and by any of the material. The intention of presenting these materials is not at all to make anyone feel overwhelmed or upset. Our intention is to help people understand what has been hidden from the public by various forces, and to inspire us to join together in building a brighter future for us all. We have no doubt that that everyone of us can make a difference in what is happening in our world.

There are clear reasons why all of this can be overwhelming. Most of us over the years have developed fairly well-established ideas of how democracy, government, and businesses function in our nation and world. Our educational system and the media generally reinforce beliefs we developed from an early age in the way the world works.

It is not easy to open to evidence which seriously challenges these beliefs, even if the information is verifiable and from reliable sources. When presented with information which questions our basic understanding of the world, it's natural to feel uneasy and overwhelmed. Yet we encourage you not to despair. Though it can be overwhelming at time, choosing knowledge and understanding in the long run allows us to work together to build a brighter future.

It's only natural that some become upset or angry to discover how much they have been deceived. Many who developed material on WantToKnow.info went through a period of shock and anger upon first learning about the major cover-ups before they eventually shifted to work for change in a positive way. Some individuals may need to go through a period of anger at being deceived. Though it may be important at times to give our anger a voice, in the long run, anger will not change our world for the better, and excessive anger will likely only lead to more of the same.

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