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Party Organization

What Is A Precinct Committeeman?


A Precinct Committeemen (PC) represents the Party to the people and is the primary and personal contact creating accessibility and an essential visibility between the voters, candidates and elected officials. The PC is the conduit through which the wishes of the electorate are channeled upwards to elected party officials, who then move these wishes into actionable measures. PCs have a personal stake in the outcome of elections and are engaged in reshaping the political future of America. From the PCs, the voice of the people emanates to the elected officials.

PCs are not paid employees but committed volunteers who are in direct contact with his/her neighbors on a regular basis through frequent canvassing. It is their job is to insure that the voters in the precincts are informed and prepared to get their vote to the ballot box.

Through monthly meetings PCs interact with their elected Party officials and can influence legislation and allow the voice of the people to be heard and acknowledged, resulting in appropriate actions taken by the People‟s‟ elected representatives. Strong district and precinct organization is the foundation of the Party. This is where elections are won or lost. Nothing can replace the precinct volunteers as the most important asset to electing Politicians to office. If we want to take back our country in a meaningful and tangible way, we must retake the control of our elections process, our party and our country. The role of the PC is to effect a peaceful and constitutional method of insuring our government truly represents the people.

There are two distinct but complementary roles an individual assumes as a Precinct Committeeman. One is as an elected party official and the other is to serve as liaison to the people in the Precinct from the District and the Party. The real strength of this function resides in the number of votes the Precinct Committeeman can deliver in an election.

Many Party members often assume that as voters, that follow Party events in the various media formats and vote regularly for qualified candidates, they are doing all they can to further the party's goals. By you becoming a Precinct Committeeman, you have taken that next step ~ the pro-active one ~ in spreading the Party's principles of lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom and strong national defense and will indeed advance our Party goals. Being a PC means that YOU are the representative for your fellow Party members in your neighborhood, as well as being the first line of contact when it comes to information accumulation and dissemination within the Precinct.

As a PC you will have the opportunity to attend Party functions, from the regular monthly district meetings to county and state meetings where you will be kept informed of Party activities and issues. You will be informed to a much greater extent than the average voter and will acquire specific and accurate information regarding party positions and policies. An informed PC will be in position to better "counter" the misinformation so often circulated about the Party's candidates by the opposition. YOU will be an OPINION MAKER within the Party structure of the State of Arizona.

A registered voter doesn‟t have a vote in the internal Party policy. PCs, and ONLY PCs, are eligible to vote in the internal Party leadership elections. PCs, and only PCs, elect their district and county leaders. PCs, and only PCs, elect the delegates to the State Party convention, who in turn elect the delegates to the National Convention who are then eligible to vote on what policies the Party Platform will advocate in each four year period.

As an active PC, neighbors will depend on you for accurate information and recommendations in elections and legislative actions. A PC has the ability to influence policy and legislation and has the capacity to stipulate that the candidates adhere to the principles of the Constitution and the Party Platform thus insuring a true representative government.

The Process To Become A Precinct Committeeman

Openings for precinct committeemen are filled in one of two ways:

1. Candidate running for offices in the primary elections every two years.

2. Candidate is nominated by their District Chairman and then certified by the County Board of Supervisors.

During a primary election, each major political party selects its candidates for the upcoming general election as well as the precinct committeemen. Most committeemen are selected by this process (option 1), while some may be appointed to fill vacant positions which may exist between primary elections (option 2).

If there are more candidates for precinct committeeman than there are vacancies, the ones receiving the highest number of votes in the precinct are elected. TO RETAIN OFFICE, CURRENT COMMITTEEMEN MUST RUN FOR REELECTION EVERY TWO (2) YEARS.

Precinct Committeeman Strategy

Who dictates the organization

Both Parties must operate with bylaws that are dictated by the state statutes. There are no paid Precinct Committeeman, well according to the state statutes.

The Ideal Road to be Elected

Ok, start as a precinct committeeman. Then be elected to the next higher position and eventually to a political office. This is how the system was designed to work. #Obama did it this way? NO. Obama was a Community Organizer?. So, thinking about this more, we have been told that Obama made a living as a Community Organizer! So obviously, a Community Organizer cannot be the same as a Precinct Committeeman, else he would have been breaking the law by making money.

This ideal would put honest hard working folks into positions that matter. It also insures that the elected to office folks have a Grass Roots understanding of what is going on. A couple of examples of this are Gov Brewer and Sen Pearce of AZ.

The Election Laws Do Not Support this Ideal system.

Normally, a person gets on the ballot via signatures; rather the Ideal Grass Roots support. This allows them be independent of the party; not a good thing. Thus, Sen McCain was elected selling himself as a GOP candidate while in fact acting as a Democrat. He said all the right things over the media while doing all the wrong things at work. Right is conservative and wrong is Democrat in that sentence because it is written from the GOP point of view.



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