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Slaves You Say

This via YouTube user SmithsCrhronicles

How are we humanity not sheeple? look at our behavior, We learn what they want us to learn and if we question it and bring out other versions of facts they kill us off, demonize us, ridicule us and so forth...(earth flat, earth round, my god... your god = war, my way your way = disharmony)

We have been conditioned from the day they made us in their image. We speak the languages they brought down to us, our definition of measurement is what they dictated to us, we even think the way we want to (even a fish is last to learn that its entire life is dictated by water)

For example, look at the masses and how they worship the religions, the names they use (of which they ignorantly refuse to research their original meaning), look at how they practice paganism and define it as its opposite.

Humanity is naive, not because of sheer stupidity, but rather because of lack of knowledge, too much trust, and the inability to cross reference and search facts for themselves (lack of critical thinking, questioning so called mainstream history and investigation of so called facts). Humanity seems to find it extremely difficult to shed that authoritarian father figure off their shadow. Our species has become afraid of them own selves, thus they seek materialistic values to justify the run from themselves. When they do confront that part of themselves which they have been running away from they fall in to despair, fear and sickness and rely on the pharmacuticals to give them a remedy (a quick fix, this quickfix has side effects that give other sicknesses), this false healing further disharmonizes the connection between one owns self, its shadow and its shattered ego.

I wish i could agree with you, If you were correct, then we would not be slaves today and our whole lives would not have been run by others who profess to serve us. They have never served us.

In former times slaves were cloth, fed and were given shelter... Today's slaves must cloth themselves, feed themselves and they must fall in to the illusion of owning their own home which they must pay off for the majority of their life time, living from week to week seeking that false illusion of freedom that is promoted on the big screens in their living rooms.

I call this the human condition.

David Icke - Prisons of the Mind



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