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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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Slowly Enslaved Us

I'll never forget this about a conversation I had with a Pima Indian elder.

He said, "We used to spend 10 to 15 hours a week tending to our chores and providing for our families. Then the White man came".

How did we ever survive? :-)

Freedom is fading in America

According to World Bank, just 227 families own 47% of the world's wealth. This extraordinarily disproportion of wealth in the hands of a few has been achieved purely by influencing and manipulating people with lies and deceptive practices during the course of centuries. The control is surreptitious. Most people do not even suspect they are imprisoned and unable to live in sovereignty. There is no country or army that can stop them or question their actions. It is such an ingenious way to control a civilization. Although the slowest tyranny to impose, it is the most enduring. The captives don't see prison walls fences or military forces in wait against them. Religious institutions validate the control of the masters. Education continues to speak lies mixed with truth, biased in total prejudice to free thinking people. The media keeps the minds dull and excited focusing on wasteful desires, useless materialism and simplistic entertainment. Advertising companies create symbols and icons of selfish freedoms of acquisition, consumer object fetishism, sex, sports, pop culture, and drugs. von Goethe

This psychological weapon of mass distraction is being used in our very homes, entertaining us and our children, and gradually indoctrination us without us realizing it. Today, people spend more and more time engaged with televised frivolity, sports, controlled news, lust, violence, alcohol, pornography, fear in the form of horror films and political reality shows designed to confuse and alarm the public. Popular fiction and popular music are integral parts of our lives yet these provide a vast expanse on information which we are taking, consciously or subconsciously, into our minds. Information on society ranging from ideal and morals and the difference between right and wrong, to the way societies should be structured, is passed before us and our children EVERY SINGLE DAY. This mass media plays a significant role in providing the basis to determining and individual's view of the world and everything that exist.

Thus, any one group in complete control of the information placed on this media will have, in effect, the power to indoctrinate the entire populous of the world to their way of thinking. Our founding fathers knew this danger, that is why freedom of the press is the only business protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Finally, only a minority of the populous participate in rigged elections due to the apathy and the unconscious recognition of the loss of rights and freedom in a total dictatorship where candidates are selected from only two political parties, not elected by the people. This is why regardless who is in power, NOTHING CHANGES. Those who deny the presence of this monstrous form of tyranny today will live to see themselves enslaved, demoralized, and murdered by it tomorrow. It is time to wake up from the trance! -- "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" -- Johann Wolfgang

Money and Alchemy. The banking mafia, Monsanto. A quick look at money and our enslavement to it. Google is: "the operational intelligence and strategic planning agency for the New World Order.

Our Enslavement.-Money and Monstanto



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