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The Octopus

THE OCTOPUS thanks to and read more at Octopus Revisited

Danny Casolaro sought to document and expose sea of covert operatives, super- surveillance software and transnational spies. He called the monster he saw swimming in that sea "the Octopus." It consisted of a group of US intelligence veterans that had banded together to manipulate world events for the sake of consolidating and extending its power. Of course it involved the Kennedy assassination, but that was just one of many coups and assassinations pulled off by the Octopus since the end of World War II. The group had come together over a covert operation to invade Albania that was betrayed by famed British turncoat Kim Philby. The Octopus had overthrown Jacob Arbenz in Quatemala in 1954. It had targeted operations against Fidel Castro culminating in the Bay of Pigs. It also had tentacles in the political upheavals in Angola, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria, Chile, Iran and Iraq. Casolaro had as his main concern Octopus involvement with putting Ronald Reagan in power --the infamous October Surpise--and the role that played in introducing the PROMIS software into police systems around the world.

Casolaro's catalogue of membership in the Octopus included such notorious spooks as John Singlaub and the late CIA director William Colby. As heads of the Phoenix assassination program in Vietnam they had implemented an early version of the PROMIS tracking software to keep tabs on the Viet Cong. Other Octopus tentacles included characters like E. Howard Hunt and Bernard Baker, who later emerged as Watergate burglars. Casolaro focussed on one person in the periphery of the Octopus as it had developed in the early 1980s, a man named Earl Brian, crony to Reagan's attorney general Ed Meese. Brian had been given PROMIS to sell illegally as a reward for paying off Ayatollah Khomeini to hold on to American hostages until the Carter presidential re-election campaign clearly was doomed. According to Casolaro, Meese used the US Justice department to steal PROMIS from its developers, the Inslaw group, which had its connections to the Phoenix program and also had developed the software at least in part on public money. Two congressional committees eventually agreed, however, that Inslaw was the legal private owner of PROMIS when the US Justice department shanghaied it and Earl Brian profiteered by selling it to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Interpol, the Mossad and other international police agencies as well as to the military. One application of the modified PROMIS included the ability to track Soviet submarines in previously untraceable marine trenches near Iceland.

If coded correctly, PROMIS could interface with other databases without reprogramming, giving it great ability to ostensibly track criminals--but also, potentially, political dissidents--through the computer systems of various police agencies. Casolaro's main informant, Michael Riconosciuto added to this the claim that he had personally reprogrammed PROMIS with a backdoor, so it could spy on the methods of the police agencies that were using it for tracking. This gave it added appeal as a covert tool. The US could spy on the very agencies it was selling the software to illegally.

The Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro and The PROMIS Software

One of the Federal government's most secret computer programs is now connected to several local murders. The Riverside County Sheriff's Cold Case Squad is on the case -- and so is KESQ.

Danny Casolaro-Unsolved Mysteries part 1

Danny Casolaro-Unsolved Mysteries part 2

PROMIS Software Linked To Several Murders

So how many cases like this are there. I would imagine thousands. The public hears of them once and that is it. NO more follow up stories and the Public is too busy to remember to ask; "Whatever happened to .... ?



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