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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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They - Or Aliens

When we accept the accurate truth that this planet has been invaded by a force of entities that believes it is a superior race and uses mind control to enslave the inhabitants of earth to live in terror and fear, we can recognize its tactics, motivations and agenda easily.

In recognizing the agenda we have already revealed its weakness, which is why they hide and use covert action, once we can see these tactics and understand what they are doing, they are incredibly vulnerable. Their strength is in the numbers of humans on earth that have believed the 3D reality structure they have force fed by the N.A.A. (negative alien agenda), such as: there are no extraterrestrials; there is no afterlife; we have to use fossil fuels; we have to take drugs and vaccinations for health when they make us sicker, there are no other dimensions, etc. All of this is a deception of which they have programmed humans to self-enforce their own enslavement through believing these lies.

So in greater comprehension of their agenda and motivation to enslave others, we gather more strength and are able to overcome their methods.

Some bullet points:

1. Reptilian and Orion Overlords, the False Father God "Reps", have no idea what deep empathic sensory abilities are nor how “consciousness” operates in spiritually activated human beings. All they know is that we have a life force field that they can suck off of. They view any kind of emotion as weakness. However, this is their greatest weakness. The weakness is in their belief that the power is in the physicality of staying immortal by sucking off others and using brute force to control and manipulate - which will only work to a certain point of which they ultimately reach their own demise. The true power is in higher sensory emotions which are the only force that connects into the Cosmic Intelligence of Universal Mind. Therefore they are blind to the Cosmic Mind Plan and have zero access to the Mother, Krystal Host Founder, or God Fields. Their weakness is our strength. Our strength is the true humanity of heart based love and compassionate consciousness which is required to access the God Fields.

2. Hence you will notice they apply tactics predictably and unilaterally without the ability to foresee what the higher sensory ability or the consciousness of that human will do. They will always act from the fearful mind and ego machinations. Our power is in the NOW MOMENT neutral consciousness they cannot access that to control the timelines - as we do. All they have power to manipulate is trauma and pain that we experienced from our past. They use that trauma memory to push us to re-create that pain over and over again.

3. When a spiritual active human is in now moment presence, holds love and compassionate words, actions AND knows the N.A.A. game, and has transcended judgment of the reality from ego, they cannot manipulate that person. It is only the ego fear that can be manipulated in excessive traumas and fears.

4. Their only leverage is to intimidate and threaten and by stimulating fears. If you know there is no death, there is nothing to be afraid of. Think of them as schoolyard bullies, all this big talk and use of weaponry, to only be defeated by simple acts of true human kindness and love, something they cannot feel and hence, do not know. If humans would stop their own enforcement of the enslavement agenda they would have zero power on earth.

thanks to Energetic Synthesis.



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