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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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Your Candidate will not be elected if you don't vote for them. Don't let the Media bully you into voting for the so called "Electable" candidate. Let your friends and neighbors know who you are voting for so they can too. In fact, organize your neighbors and elect a party Precinct Committeeman. Have your elected Representative recognized by your party precinct so your vote helps elect a delegate from your state, directly.

the following videos and text, thanks to YouTuber cmseibert

Voting - A Sacred Duty of a Free People

This is the first installment of a multiple part series on the sacred duty of informed voting. It gives a brief overview of the percentage of adults that participate in different kinds of elections, voter apathy, and several challenging quotes from the framers of the Constitution and founding fathers on the sacred importance of an informed vote.

Voting 01 - A Sacred Duty of a Free People

Knowing the Purpose of Government

This webinar explores briefly the Purpose of Government as outlined in the Declaration and Constitution. In order to have a healthy society, US Citizens need to understand these ideas and we need to be elected people to office that know these concepts as well. This is part of a multiple part series on the sacred duty of informed voting.

The freedom formula was almost 200 years in the making. It took the early Americans a hundred eighty years from 1607 to 1787 before we put together the freedom formula, but when it finally settled in the place the formula ignited the fires a freedom all over the world.

In their formula did not only include civil government, that we've just discussed here but a holistic view up society were individuals families church in Beckham using government work together. And it gives a complete category listing the ideal activities that take place and each one of these societal structures to bring forth a healthy society.

The founding fathers also knew that if government went out of control the whole it could be the producer of all the isms a society, where the government usurps all the power from the other societal structures. And so they built a constitutional system that would stop this or hold it in check.

So to summarize the founders knew the government's purpose was to secure god-given rights. the US constitutional system was set up to do this by restraining evil. And allowing good to flourish these are key ideas that we need to know its citizens and we need to vote people on office that also know these ideas as well.

Voting 02 - Knowing the Purpose of Government

Vote For Those Who Cherish

This video exposes briefly our civic ignorance as a nation and amongst elected officials and then commends that we understand the US Constitutional System ourselves, but also select people for office that both Understand and Cherish our system of government and know how it is designed to work.

Voting 03 - For Those Who Cherish the US Constitutional System

Understand the Nature of Man

This playlist of webinars overviews an often overlooked point in understanding our system of government- the nature of man (humankind) - understanding our own and understanding those we put into office. It is sometimes hard to take a realistic view of ourselves. These videos gives us food for thought as well as an additional principle - the nature of man - that opens our understanding to the design of our US Constitutional System.

Understanding the Nature of Man

Black American - Voting Character over Party

This is a very challenging video. It requires the listener to put aside any per-conceived notions of race, political party affiliates, and to go deeper than they may have ever gone before. Character is so important that this great black leader - Frederick Douglass - says that it trumps all else. Real food for thought in a nation where race is used to divide, but this black leader has one political principle that overrides all other political principles. Watch and learn about this great man.

Voting 06 - Black American - Voting Character over Party

Caucus vs. Primary: What's the difference?



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